S5 GT concept@work


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I can see that you did the roll cage, but why not a seat? Or am I just blind and can't see it???
But apart from that, it looks really good :)
Red Bull White

Smoke looks great, but Red Bull Racing Colors White? it should be Dark Blue the car would look better as the current white does not show the curves nicely look to flat
Thanks a lot!

Its a compiositing, the only poly model is the "DTM Audi S5". The smoke is partly a photo an partly added by me with my "explosion&clouds" brushes (download here--->GspotSIMULANT on deviantART page 3) in photoshop.

And yeah, Red Bull on white paint...I like it! But i will try a blue version, thanks for your suggestion!

@mount--->The car has a seat integrated in the Moncoque, and a driver too ;)



Impressive !

I'm really fan of your integration work, it's hard to tell where CG begins and where it ends. 5 stars from me.

Thanks for these extra renders, I always enjoy seeing the underwork. The last one is lovely, with hood & trunks & doors detached.
I really like this project also,fantastic work. The interior few pieces seem relatively simple but it does the job great! well done,hope to see more work from you in the near future.


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DTM cars should be full of aero wings around wide wheel arches. It should look more aggressive in terms of design.
About modelling, it's top notch work. I mean everything is clean, smooth and well rendered.
As Catlin said, I'll wait for some other works from you.
DTM cars should be full of aero wings around wide wheel arches. It should look more aggressive in terms of design.
I ² that... DTM cars have like 15feet wheelarches and about a gazillion wings... this looks... it looks to naturel... seems more like a GT car then a DTM to me...

Modelling wise... Excellent... amazing renders, especially the composites... top notch and 5 stars ;)
Thanks for your kind words!

@Tom123xxxx--->Thanks and Iam working still on a few things, but its hard to find good (high res.) ref. images of the last "Audi A4 DTM" Interieur. A detached DTM A4 is was my inspiration&example.

@Catlin--->thanks! Indeed, some or most parts looks slightly simple. Its a lot of work to do, but Iam worked too long on this car so that i have to make a break for a while.
But for this kind of renders it works.

@janusz-->Thanks! Agree! Create a "DTM or ALMS S5" was my first intention. But the above reason i decide to make these important things later...much later ;)

@darth carth-->thanks! And your´e right, its mote an GT than an DTM car design right now. But i like it ;)
I have to change the thread headline!

some more early images...



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I'd like to more details in place you showed. These air-intakes are ok but these covers near wheels looks like just-a-plane w/o any support or sth.

Topic name changed :) As you wish.
Oh thanks Janusz!

Agree with your crits, the reason is i have no detailed high res image of this part. Sp I ad more deatils when i know what i have t0 model ;)


thios is one of my ref.pic...to small...


I thought it's more complex :) Anyway if it's your concept you always can do something imagined by you :D
certainly i can do what I want, but you´re fully right. It needs more accurate and highly detailed stuff. But Iam bored by this car at the moment. Comes time, comes details ;)
I should like to start a new project...The Porsche Cayenne S, or a super sport car...

No not realy, my girlfriend comes from Kołobrzeg ;) cheerz!