s15 Drift Baby....

Yasick welcome back.

Anyways here we go.

1. Door handle is too tall make it shorter.
2. Rearlights are not wide enough on the trunk.
3. Your chamfer on the door doesn’t match up with chamfer on the fender.
4. Headlights need to be sharper in the corner of the fender.
5. Cornor of the roof isn’t round enough.
6. The indent on the hood like the lines that go \ / is too tall. Needs to be shorter.
7.Not sure which body kit your doing but that intake on the center of the front bumper up top by the hood blends into there and does not have a chamfer underneath it.
8. Your fender has some bumps around the headlights
9. You have pinches on the lower lip of the front bumper on the right side of the intake.
10. You have a pinch on the corner of that hood scoop you added and up top of it is where the pinch is.
11. You have a small pinch on the side skirt near the front of it.
12. Chamfer that runs alongside into the rear lights is suppose to blend out a little when it gets to the rear lights.
13. Your rear fender needs to curve in a little before it goes into the trunk. I am talking about the area by the rear windshield. Yours goes straight down on the real thing it bends into a curve and then the trunk beings.
14. Your rear fender needs to bend in a little before it goes into the trunk. Look by the bottom of the rear lights and you will see what I am talking about.

Here are a few references to help. Otherwise good start and keep going! :D



Yet another account ? Why not ask for nick change to any admin ?

PS : Beware of your hair cut. I actually did think for a second that you were part of Tokyo Hotel :grin:
Lol sorry,im not very well and i was just scannin through i should have given more input.

The model is lookign very nice and clean so far man.
Ive been wanting to model this for a while theres one parked just in the next street from me so when i can bothered ill get sopem ref if you need some.

I thaught u done dirft for licensing issues or soemthing lol
Do driftworks have an s15? i was at national drift comp in donny not that long ago there were 2 memebers one with a toyota chaser and another with a 180sx i think

Also if you dont mind could we see your uvw map? it looks very cleanly mapped


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ey. yer. im doing the s15 driftworks. look it up in google. i just didnt model the wide kit. and diff front bar but same look. :)
but i spelt drift wrong :( lol
umm nice reff of front light and rear lights would be really nice and i REALLY need the back on the interior... . that would be awesome :)


yasickkk, please be polite, or at least add a smiley to make sure everyone understand you was kidding. What is obvious now won't be anymore in some weeks or months.

Otherwise, nice start for texturing job. Keep us updated.