Rules for Holding Area

Well we hate to put rules on this place normaly when there are prints we dont have we'd love to throw them up but there are some we cant have. Please do not post prints that you have found at Thomas Suurland's or Onno van Braam's site or any kind of site such as that, they tend to not like it if we have a print of theres without permission So what we really like are as Mat says "Only post prints you have scanned in yourself or you have got from another site with permission to post on this site"




Bleh... you think the US Patent Office, or Yamamoto and Hiroshi, will care if I merge a few of their drawings for our personnal benifit? I mean, I'll post where I got em... just not sure how to get permission. Damn rules...
I don't care if Suurland or vanBraam or anybody else have the same prints as long as I scanned / made them myself first. Neither I wish to waiste my time "scanning" sites in order to find out if some of my stuff is already somewhere. It's not my problem. If I have something of my own, I'll send it here, you can do whatever you please with them.

The legal side of the blueprint issue in many cases is anyway rather shaky. Some things are in "public domain", some are not. Scanning a 2004 model from a brochure and putting it online is probably illegal, I doubt that "research purpose", "fair use" etc. would save your ass... Try asking permission from a car manufacturer...
A bit more positive attitude is more appreciated :wink:
It's okay to post prints that are there, aslong as you didn't get them from there. Aslong as you've found it yourself somewhere else, ofcourse it's okay to post it. Just as long as you leave the prints from Onno and Thomas where they belong :wink:
Example: If you think the Ford Escort print from Onno is nice, leave it there, don't donate it here. But if you find the same print somewhere else, you didn't get it from Onno, so it's okay to donate it :wink: