Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (1915)


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Tanks for the blues ;)

hmm.. looks like not many ppl liked the rear of this car xD

found only this two pictures no blues sorry



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RR Silver Ghost

Sorry, but this car is not from 1915 , it has been made in 1922. Chassis No. is 79YG in RR archive. Rubber tracks made in Petrograd by TRARM ( Treugolnik ) firm. KEGRESS rear chassis made in Putilov plant ( Usines Poutiloff).
Rolls Royce Silver Ghost (1915), Lenin used it in 1915
I'd like to add a comment on this.

Lenin could not have possibly used this vehicle in 1915 as the Russian October revolution took place only in 1917. Then, the Csar's garage cars, including this Rolls, were assigned to various Bolshevik Party members. This particular Rolls has obtained Kegress caterpillars only in 1920's, when Lenin had to stay in outskirts of Moscow due to his health condition and there was a need for him to travel between the Kremlin and his residence in Gorki near Moscow. Before then it was just a standard stock vehicle.

Hope this will be helpful to some of you. :)