[RHINO] Nissan GT-R (facelift)

This is incredible, I don't know how you do it, but the headlight reflections are stunning. Mine always seem to appear flat.
Hi Duron,

i'm glad you appreciate the model and thank you for choosing this one.

I've just seen your render... i love the style, the shader for the tires look very good too. :cool:
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big like on this piece! a joy to watch the red version render. for me the new "LED-styled" fog-lights kill the blue version, i stick with the red one :)


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Hi, i had some fun to do the 2015 changes for the gtr and i work on a new scene (Better quality/size later).

I'd like to give a big thank you to Exidge for all the kind feedback.;)
Could you show your patch layout? That would be very helpful to me, this looks good.
Wow Insane work mate!!! One of the best GTR model I've ever seen.

I just started learning Rhino, btw, how did you create the bump on it's hood ? Any tips would be helpful.
I did some renders in rhino and with vray to show the new parts, side skirt, tow hook and headlight (the glass are made in poly in a other software:p)

@helicase & razielim: i have turned on the isocurves, for the hood bump its a simple network with 2 main splines, if you want more i have the old pics from the wip of the wald version.

The interior is coming.:p


Hi taker, Fantastic work! Very clean surface and beautiful fillets :)
Thanks a lot for iso curves and the tips, I'm still struggling to to do the hood lol, any wip pics are very welcome.
Render is looking amazing as well! I liked the camera of the previous grey render. Perfecttt work overall, looking for more updates :p