Rhino car modelling : The next audi TT

First of all : Hi all, newcomer alert 8)

Thx for this very nice tutorial mr Rain Knight, respect !

But now I've got this problem while making this tutorial. How come this side surface isn't that smooth like I wanted it to be ? I just did a 2 rail sweep. Someone can help me out plz ?

do you only know what a nurbs surface is ????

it is a mathematical surface, so every sooftware that does nurbs got a mesher to display them. And this mesher got parameters, like the length of the edges, etc....in your cases this parameters give a very poor but fast mesh.

check the rhino display option (right click on the blue sphere) and in the mesh section, choose slow and accurate, this might embetter your display meshs.
But remember that when working with lots of surface, this mesh calculation can be very long !!!
Thx guys for replies ! Indeed I had to change my documents properties -> mesh settings ... Had to set the max aspect ratio to 2.0 though . Now it's ok , thx. Let's move on 8)
Well Rain Knight...great tutorial as I said many times...thanks for reading my topic and give such positive reactions...

I have one burning question, but I'm almost afraid to ask :oops:

When I said (on my topic) that I had no idea how to do the materials on the head and backlights of my car you said you always used vray materials for that...

In my reaction I said I had vray myself but I had no experience with it...

Well I was just wondering if you could maybe add something to this tutorial or give some hints how to make the different materials needed for the headlights...I have really no clue how to make those materials in vray...

I added your picture and mine of the backlights...I think the modelling part of my headlight is allright (not perfect but nevermind) but as I said I don't have the slightest idea how to texture and render it with vray...I tried the internet but couldn't come up with good explanations about making the materials....

So I just asked you...

Well I can clearly imagine you thinking now:

:evil: Well I explained the whole ******* car for all these noob's and still they're not satisfied and still they want everything explained letter by letter... :!:

so if you don't feel like explaining it's ok, but I'm just really looking hard everywhere to find the explanation but can't find it anywhere...

(hope this post still makes sense because my english is really bad :( )


8o omg... Last night I saw this tutorial and I though, I gotta do this one!
So I got my hands of Rhino 3 and now I wanted to get started.... but the images don't work anymore!!!! ARGH
Does anyone have a backup or something? I really want to learn this!
Same here, i just started this tutotial and now its gone. So is there any way to put the images back or post an offline version of it?
I have this tutorial on my harddisk.
I had all the images in my temp internet files. So I copied those and download the 4 pages of this tutorial and changed the images url etc etc.

If I can get permission to place it here, I will upload it here :)
i'm sorry guys....it seems my server have troubles since monday and i have no informations about what is happening and when it will come up again....i even can't connect to my server to check my files....

i uploaded the pdf french version here....and i'm looking for the english one on my disks :p. enjoy


I believe i have this tut in pdf version english on my hd.With the permision of the author im willing to upload somwhere like rapidshare or whatever so everyone can get it.