Rhino car modelling : The next audi TT

Pete81, that's true :roll: . As i was using the 2.0 version, i did not use the Properties tab very often....so that might be a reason.
btw good to know. thx.
you just have to ask :D

Stage 11 : finishing fillets

Here are some tips to fill holes that are often created when you fillets your polysurfaces.
Firstof all are 2 examples you will see very often.

The first one is very easy to fill. It appends when a corner is much larger thant 90° :

Here you'll just need a Network. Don't forget to join the two surfaces afterwards.

Second case, occures sometimes. The method presented here is general.

Remember in stage 9 we built the small air intake in the bottom of the front bumper.

You may have not built it, but look at the method.

After you joined everything, you want to fillet the edges that are yellow on the next pic (and the symmetrical ones of course):

But when looking nearer in the corner, you 'll see the following :

That's normal...Rhino don't wnat to be mean with you :)

Solution :

1- Create a _Blend curve from edge 1 to egde 2

2- Explode the polysurface to split the concered surface with this blendcurve

3 - Build a NetWorkSrf with the 4edges we have now. Specify tangecy everywhere.

4- Join everything and you are done :

Here is a new problem to fix. I realize it only now. However it's not a small fillet but a big one.

You certainly succeeded in building the fillet between backdoor and roof :

The fillet that continues till the lateral window is a bit tricky. If you try to do it automatically,
you'll get something bad in the corner near the window. I personnaly don't want such a surface.

So here is a method to build a nice fillet.

With the _Pipe command, build a pipe on the concerned edge. give a radius value on the left that match the existing fillet radius (0.16 for me) and 0 on the other side.

Explode the pipe, delete the cap surface and _ExtendSrf it (2.0 as coeffficient is enough)

with the _Intersect command, create the intersection curves between the pipe and the two other surfaces.

Split the bottom one with the curve you just build (you could have split it with the pipe actually).
For the other one, split it by isoline (right click on the split button), choose the correct direction (u or v) and pick the left end of the interection curve we just built.

After deleting the trims :

On the left build now a _Blend curve.

on the right side show the window surface :

We are now using a diagnostic tool that is very usefull : _ShowEdges

Pick the bottom surface and choose nakededges

You are now seing the boundaries edges of the selected surface, and the points that limit the edges.
When zooming near to the window, you realize that the trimming we've done generated 2 edges.

This problem will not be good for us to build a nice network surface with the tangency on this edge.
Ok let's try to fix that.

use the _MergeEdge command and pick the small edge we don't want to have :

a pop up appers asking you to choose which edges you want to merge. choose the left side (it's highlighted)
and that's fixed !
Check with the _ShowEdges command that everything's fine :

allright! Keep in mind that you can perform the opposite operation with the _SplitEdge command. Concerning the MergeEdge command, it's not always working as you can imagine. the edges have to be "continuous a second order" somehow to be merged, that's to say : edges that form corners can't be merged...

Finally build the NetworkSrf :

Spcify tangency on the concerned edges as below : I use "Loose" on edge C to have a nice tangency on edge B.

Note that near the window, the surface is not following the window edge since we used Loose and not Position for the network.
This way the tangency is nicer ! compare the 2 cases and you'll see.

Stage 12 : Rear view mirrors and door handles

The rear view mirror will be the TT one. But you can use the method for other shapes.
The difficulty here is the fact that the surface can't be built with a Network or a Revolve command.
We are going to use a sphere primitive and deform it;

split it on 2 of its isolines

Show the control points (wheel mouse click, then left click in the upper right corner icon)

in my case i rebuild the surface to increase the number of control points (increased the V value):

use the blueprints in all views and take a look in the following pics to help you.

when done fill the hoe with a patch surface :

with an offset curve (_Offset) with 0.2 value in my case :

split the patch surface

keep the inner part to do the glass.

finish the volume by creating fillets. i extruded the inner boudary a bit to make 2 fillets.
the "foot" is simply done using a cone primitive. I trimmed it with the sphere and with the door.
everything is joined and fillets are working automatically.

For the glass, use a Offset curve again to shrink it a bit. Some extrusion on the boundary, join the 2 surfaces, do a fillet a you are done.
move it finally a bit inside the sphere.

The door handle :

to make the hole in the door, i just used a sphere. Split the door with it and split the sphere with the door. You can use booelan but, since we have opened polysurfaces, result is not predictable.

small filets are working fine.

for the handle itself, i used a box I splitted many times. The fillets are simple here, too.

finally a cylinder with a squary hole :

Woohoo! Finally, I'm excited.

Problem: I opened Rhino and for some reason my toolbar was gone. I loaded the default toolbar from the load toolbar thing, and nothing happened, i loaded default toolbar backup from the load, and I got my toolbars up, but It's missing some stuff. My middle mouse button nolonger works, it says missing default.POPUP. This is annoying
excelent tutorial ... 10x...do you explain us how have you done the interior ? it will be great..there are no tutorials for car interior
thx for reading my tut
thx for writing it. it's the best rhino tut so far. because of this tutorial i started learning rhino. i'm not very far because it's the first thing i have ever done in this program and it's completely different compared to 3dmax.

at the moment i'm here and i have some probs building the side skirts (changed some small details) -> http://www.upart2.de/mav/audi.jpg

so thx again, it teaches you how to use rhino and not only how to build a car.
i have a question rain knight:

how do you get clean side skirts?

i can do whatever i want, they always look like this: http://www.upart2.de/mav/edge.jpg

i check tangency wherever it's possible and the curves are built by "extend curve" from the upper curves. then i draw a horizontal curve matched to the end an fillet it. when i have this sort of curve on both sides of a surface i build a 2_rail sweep with the upper edge, so i think there shouldn't apear an edge like in the picture.

it's not clearly visible if your curves are exactly matched. do they have to be that exact that you don't get an edge like in my picture?
use the _Match on the rail curve before building the Sweeps.

The match works this way :

pick the curve you want to adjust, near end
pick the curve on which you want to adjust the other curve (here pick the edge of the wheel arch, near the end)

then check tangency and valid !

your sweep should be better !
Hey Rain Knight...

I was loving your tutorial all ready, but now I'm coming to a particular stage where I can start with all the details...And guess what? I'm loving it even more now!!!

All the other tutorials stop at a given time, and that is always when it comes to the details...I was never able to figure them out myself so I'm grateful that they're explained in your tut...

Can you give us an estimation of when your next lesson will be finished and put on this forum? I'm now making the seams in the car so I have some work to go, but I hope you'll explain some more details (like the lights) soon...

Anyway: Thanks for all this...I'll go on modelling now!

Greets Tillaart36!!
thx tillaart36 !

my laptop has lost his power adaptor last week. :cry: I'm still waiting for the new one....(DELL :evil: ). i'm writing th next lessons (lights & export) asap.
that's also why i did not post any update of the R version WIP....coming soon.

thx again for reading me.
actully the new power adaptor doesn't work either. so I think the power device in the laptop is dead.... :cry:. I'll see what i can do. In all cases i'll keep the hard disk (which works perfectly) to get my files...
Anyway, that might take a long time before i can post any new stuff....

sorry for that.
in one of your screenshots , when you are picking an edge, it shows Edge A and Edge B ... did you install a script, or did you photoshop that image... mine just shows Edge, Edge
this A and B appears using the MergeEdge command. In other cases it's always only Edge or Edge :)

last lesson done. i'm posting them in the week end. thx for reading .
thanks..... this semester ends in 2 weeks... I cant wait to start this tutorial..... ive been waiting for school to end to start it, ever since you posted it :D