Rhino CAD Ferrari Italia Modeling Tutorial

Here is a preview of my upcoming tutorial on how to model a Ferrari 458 Italia in Rhino. I freestyled it to my own liking, so I named it the F460. The tutorial will show you more or less how to create the surfaces needed for a car's exterior. It will be more concise than my 600GTZ video tutorial.

F460 Concept Freestyle Time Lapse - YouTube

Stay tune or subscribe and I will update this thread when I have the finished video uploaded on Youtube. Hopefully sooner than later.


Will you be uploading the whole 2.5 hours that it took to model that car? It's interesting to see the work flow but we beginners like to see the process in real time - each thing that you do and how you do it.


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I'm very interested, can't wait to download the whole 2.5 hours video, so i'll start to do the car.
Thank u :)
It will be comprehensive and usable hopefully. I am still editing it now, to make it manageable because I feel certain parts are more vital than others.


Your tut is awesome!
I really need that and i search everywhere for a full tut.
When u upload full tut?!
I'm waiting...


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Uh that's awesome, makes me wanna learn Rhino. Shame it's too fast, maybe if you could upload a non-accelerated version would be ideal for beginners. Even though it doesn't have any big details, 2.5h just for that is insane! :)
It is not that insane... This is not how a car is modelled in nurbs, at all. It s a lot more complicated than this. This is a lot simplified, and surfaces dont have the necessary quality Anyway, it is nice of him to share his work, and surely many people at level zero will learn something from this.
Thanks for sharing and for all the time it took to make tutorial.