[rFactor] Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

What you see there is the handbrake but I noticed that the vertices on the plastic cover around the handbrake are not welded because there is still a hard edge.

@schaefft, shilpinator
I'm going to post some wires when I get home.

I model these cars in 3ds max, poly by poly. Gives me good control about each vertex.

To explain how to get the vehicles into rFactor would take too much time. My last car has been exported over 1 year ago. I must also check some rules again.
I can recommend the site www.racesimcentral.com. This is where I got all my informations about getting the car ingame. As I said I have to take a look again as well.
UHH!!!! That explains it! Guess the camera angle hid the rest of the handbreak lol.
Well, I promised a wire shot from the cockpit.
I just completed the mapping of the body. Occlusion maps are baked and the body can be painted with decals or whatever if wanted. The wheels have been actually mapped and textured already but I can't find the textures anymore. Shouldn't ba a problem to do them again.


So question. I see on the side of the dash on the interior you have some polies that are like 6 or 7 point. Does that not matter because when you export itll make them 3point anyways? Or will you be fixing that? Also, great job so far man, any chance you can post a uvmap of how its textured out? And last question, can you concider putting it into GTA since the doors are openable? =)
This polygon doesn't cause any problems. Important is how the edges run.
The UVs aren't that spectacular because I have split up the mapping to some separate maps. Even the body. I have an idea for rFactor and this requires a quite unusual setup.
I've been always looking for a sim racer to add my cars to a game. GTA is a bit too arcady. So I never thought about getting cars in there. The openable doors are actually an eye catcher for some renderings only but who knows. Before I think about importing the car into GTA I want to finish the S7 for rFactor.
I just finished the mapping and texturing of the complete exterior. This is not my final intended colorscheme but one of the possible ones. The lights have been created highly detailed and rendered in Mental Ray in order to avoid usage of photos.
Next I need to unwrap and texture the interior.


Hey OriK, is there anyway you can post a screenshot of the bottom of the car? I'm modeling a Saleen S7 and I can't seem to find any resources for this angle. Much appreciated!

Amazing work by the way. Very inspiring!