[rFactor] Saleen S7 Twin Turbo


Look at the previous pages. I've posted wires and close ups of several details already :) .
I've checked your wires, it looks pretty clear now to me : just two extra row of vertices along the edge you want to chamfer (one on each side) without any further modification (I mean, you aren't doing just an automatic chamfering)

Also thank for the polycount. As I already said in this week Weekly-Write-Up, your work really inspired to try that kind of mid-poly modeling.
You're welcome. Good to know that I did something useful ^^ .
Edit: This note was addressed to schaefft :D

Simply chamfering the edges is actually a crime. What I did is the same way you do highpoly modeling. You just don't need to care about triangles.


You're right, but I just never thought of trying to apply this move to lowpoly modeling. Thanks again.

PS : Your first sentence applied to both schaefft's comment and mine. Nice efficiency, I value that ;)
Where can we download your cars? I mean I see they are ingame an stuff but I never knew what site I can go to, to find your work in downloadable Rfactor form? Also, I am guessing most pcs wont handle more than 2 of these on a track lol?
I actually have done only 3 cars for rFactor yet. The Ford Mustang was a test vehicle because it was my first one I implemented to the game. It has to be revised completely. The Nismo is nearly done. I really underestimated the effort. Actually I just wanted to make one livery but now there are almost 20 including driver and helmets. Too much work for my spare time. But I'm gonna finish it at the latest for rFactor 2 ^^.

The JGTC Skyline has been optimized for a race with 19 opponents (20 vehicles on track). Depends on the track of course but it's possible to drive a "race". The S7 is more like a show car. Drive it, experience it. This time I don't intend races with many opponents. 1 or 2 friends perhaps. We will see. The car ist not ingame yet and maybe it runs with more than 10 other S7. Who knows.
What's the polycount of your latest car ? I mean this S7 TT.
He already mentioned it. Its on the previous page, you should look at other posts before asking a question =)

"The 1st person cockpit has around 55.000 triangles. I intend to reduce this count to 5.000 for the 3rd person view. This, together with the car has around 95.000 triangles. Depends on the rims you use."


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I'm amazed and stunned O_O You're god of mid-poly modelling. Your wires are epic, smoothness is epic, everything there is epic :D
I just want to see wires of interior and engine.

BTW do you know any tutorials about putting car models into rFactor, I'm interested in it. Thanks in advance
What you see there is the handbrake but I noticed that the vertices on the plastic cover around the handbrake are not welded because there is still a hard edge.

@schaefft, shilpinator
I'm going to post some wires when I get home.

I model these cars in 3ds max, poly by poly. Gives me good control about each vertex.

To explain how to get the vehicles into rFactor would take too much time. My last car has been exported over 1 year ago. I must also check some rules again.
I can recommend the site www.racesimcentral.com. This is where I got all my informations about getting the car ingame. As I said I have to take a look again as well.