[rFactor] Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

MUCH better than my attempt at an S7!! Looks stunning!! I love those renders (or ingame shots??)!

And I don't care this is an old topic, this user deserves respect ;)
Well, it's been a very very long time since I've updated this thread. I always did some small things and by and by the model came closer to the final car. This time I have done the 1st person cockpit with the 3rd person car in one process. Means, what you see on the attachments, won't be displayed at the same time in-game as well as the doors which can't be opened later. I just modeled them because it simply looks cool ^^.
My S7 is not the GT one but the S7 TT Competition. The wing can be removed later as well as the xWang Rims. I'll do a set of some rims which you can choose from.



The smoothness and the gaps between body parts are incredible for a lowpoly model. I'm stunned !

Can you post some close-up on a gap (any one) with some wires to see how you achieved this quality ?
Look at the previous pages. I've posted wires and close ups of several details already :) .

The 1st person cockpit has around 55.000 triangles. I intend to reduce this count to 5.000 for the 3rd person view. This, together with the car has around 95.000 triangles. Depends on the rims you use.

looks ammazing

cant think of anything else that hasnt already been said lol.

i love how smooth it is and how detailed it is with a reasonable poly count lol
The renderings are as simple as possible. 1 skylight and 1 white material. The scene has been rendered with 1000 rays and sample size 1x1.