[rfactor] Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

The grilles only consist of 35.412 triangles. It was actually a nice thing to model but I can also map the holes on plane geometry to save polies. Something I'm gonna decide later. So the final count might drop to 85.000 tris. That's much closer to 63.000 :).


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hi! awesome project! saw and read all thread and if noone asked you, id like to have a look for a non smoothed grid. For me as im noob modelling it could be vey usefull.

Also id like to know how you putting the car into a game...im playing rFactor and stock cars are not so perfect as for ME (and as i see for you too)).

I know, slow progress but I'm still on it...
The exterior is finally finished. The engine I'm gonna model in a session together with the interior.
There must be baked the occlusion maps yet but the new scene setup (screen grab from viewport) looks pretty nice already even without these maps. A kingdom for FSAA in the 3ds max viewport.

There is no "base mesh". The car has been modeled in this detailed state. On a previous page I already posted a wire shot of an older state.

I also have to get in into the export/import stuff for rFactor again. It's been a long time since I've done anything for this game. Search the forums on the web to find more detailed information. I have to do so as well.

Simply stunning work. I love every bit of it.

What a coincidence to see a LP560-4 anyway, because i bought it's 1:43 AutoArt scale model yesterday:).