Rfactor civic 89

Working on this for rfactor for a new fwd cup

If anyone knows anything about rfactor can u contact me i need to know how to get things uingame,if not i have to learn myself :p



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there's some waviness going on in the center of the hood... it's very subtle, but the edges flow like /\/\ (just no where near that extreme) in the center, hopefully you'll see what I'm talking about
lol true... j/k Orik is err... well hes out there as far as skills go.. I wouldnt even pretend to match some of the stuff he does. Your car looks very nice. I dont think it matters if you cant get the refletions like he did.. I coudlnt either.. I guess you have to really know what hes talking about ( which I sort of thought I did) and you have to be determined to use 1 smoothing group..... not going to happen with me lol

Anyhow, its a great start but a bit early but still I think it has good potential. :)
Thanks,Yeh i guess that why my reflections are looking all effed up,It nice to see it in viewport though and have a look for bumps :) erm Still calling for help on getting it into rfactor :p
its good man, add a couple more edges and stuff so the model looks round, the reflections will require a helluva lot of material mastering
Well im not sure about adding many more polys im trying to keep it as low as possible while looking nice.I want to be able to run 40+ cars with no lag :D


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I think the reflections are okay... as far as what's in the map, but they're awfully bright on the car, and they don't have the falloff which makes them look so much more realistic...
Its going to be with some bodykits and rims changes anyway,So i guess we will have to speak about it when im closer to finishing it.