[rFactor 2] - CTDP F1 1994

This time, it's not a car, it's a whole track :). Still heavily work in progress. These screens are taken from a game viewer, so it's not a render but not exactly what you will see ingame (because that gameviewer just supports one texture level, no bump, no spec etc.).

Hopefully I can cheer you guys with some car screens later that weekend :)



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Stunning work, i'm a great fan of the CTDP team, your current F1 is probabilly the best F1 sim on the place together with the F1 SR 1991, i'm sure this one will be even better , my best wishes for your project ! :)

Are u going to build the whole 1994 season tracks ? It would be an immense and very tiring work, btw i can't wait to run with this new mod !!!
Great work indeed, you can see theres tons of time and effort invested into the track. Cannot wait to see how it turns out with spec/normal-maps and lighting applied!


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I remember playing your rFactor F1 mod a couple of summers ago, quality modding. You guys planning to do a Le Mans mod anytime in the near future?

Excellent work.
At the moment we want to finish what we started and that's f1 1994. After that project, we're open for ideas. If you want to help us radu, pn me ;) :p


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Absolutely, I'm just daydreaming what a Le Mans (preferably classic) mod of CTDP quality would be like, meanwhile enjoying your fabulous F1 mods.

Looking forward to further updates.