Request for Unicar 3000 GLS


I requested the Unicar 3000 cabin blueprint
I did a lot of research but could not find the blueprints and I really need this blueprint

This cabin is produced by Unicar company called Unicar 3000N and Unicar 3000 GLS

Photo08.jpg Photo09.jpg

This cabin is used by ERF company called ERF E10 Trailblazer

Photo01.jpg Photo10.jpg

It is also used by the Mercedes-Benz OH1628L


It is also used by the Pegaso factory
I think this room is originally Spanish

50401681108_812522b1bd_o.jpg 8541837988_959d91c7c8_o.jpg

Its catalog is for sale on one of the sites and I am sure it has a blueprint

Please send it to me if you have it.