Renault 5 GTL 1984

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Nice! Really going to follow this one! Renault 5 is one of the best Renaults ever!
:D My mom had one in olive green when I was just a kid, so small that I couldn't even look out of the window when I was sitting in front. I remember, years after, she painted it black with a red and white stripes along the side..... my friends came running crazy to look inside because they thought it was K.I.T.T. :p I guess I was kind of naughty back then xD


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I just wanted to say that I'm working on it, I found some good R5 blueprints and, although it's a 3-door version, I guess I could easily make it a 5-door as the GTL I'm going to do.

I still don't have a clue about some of the stuff I should put in the car, I found a good roll-cage, but I don't know how much would it cost to remove the interior unused parts.

I found some wheels too, wide ones :D and I was wondering, as it's a top-gear challenge, if I could melt some plastic pieces and make fenders out of them :D Then nail them with allen nails to the body or something like that.

Tomorrow I'll post some pics, I promise :p

Good night


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Alright, it's not much but, here I go...

My idea is to finish the base shape this month and UV mapping, make all the addons and mods, etc, next month, and use last month for final renders.... it ends up in the final days of september, doesn't it??? Gotta check that out again....



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I was reading THIS POST and I'm getting frightened about what I could actually do..... is it possible to fit a Clio engine into my R5???? Because that would be amazing...

Could any mechanic genius point me in the right direction about upgrades to do, so my little R5 could be a real challenge for other competitors???

I'm also looking at THIS PAGE and I'm wondering if those pieces would fit in my R5.... I have written those guys to ask them too.... :D jijiji

For instance, if everything fits my R5, could I use this TURBO in it??? And how would it behave???? This is the description:

This is our new 300 bhp rated turbo as our rollerbearing turbo has now been promoted to the KTR350 following recent boost pressure tests. This completely new turbo is the same specification as the rollerbearing turbo except it uses a competition 360 degree thrust bearing insted of the twin cartridge rollerbearing system. It is capable of producing 300bhp and does not suffer from large amounts of lag like some other high bhp rated turbos due to the unique turbine housing size we use. This gives fierce power delivery and constant power throughout the rev range and beyond. Comes with a T3 actuator. Supplied and fitted for £885+vat including oil change.

Note: All turbos are subject to a £100 surcharge not included within prices shown. This surcharge is fully refundable upon receipt of old unit irrespective of condition.
Sorry for my misunderstandong about motor mechanics.... I'm used to play NFS Shift and it comes the easy way :D

you get that car to 300bhp and it would be the most scary thing youd ever drove believe me, my cousin had 1 with 201 bhp n it was like a rocket it even beat imprezas up to 90mph


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So, it is correct to place that turbo in my tiny 1.1 cm3 R5???? What else should I place so it doesn't break it????

I'm thinking about the trip we have to make from London to Nürburg, distance is (based on Google Maps Distance Calculator) of 511.763 Kms, in a straight line, so I guess it could be close to 1000 Kms in the road,and then we have an 8 hour non-stop race in Nürburgring.

What do I need to buy so my car can do such a long trip without burning out the engine or breaking the wheels axis???? And then be able to run a race at top speed.... :D hope it's not too much for asking :D

Cheers..... more wires to come.... I'll show them later :D
Well... That's a tough one since the budget is so limited.

I'm thinking maybe extra oil, tires if you want superior grip in the race. A rollcage and a harness for the race would work good as well. Maybe get some engine maintenance and get wheels aligned and all that.

It depends on the state of the car really... I would urge you to really change the oil, check the water pump and water levels and change air and gas filters. Those are really necessary.


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ehhh so much power in that small car :S holy moly ! btw: to have that much power, it means large explosions in the engine, which means you need special pistons and crankshaft...( and few more small parts around the compression area) you don't want to blow your engine whit that much power... it could just brake everything inside ... I mean i'm not sure , but i know it's possible. also is the block of the engine in one part or are the cylinders detachable ? if it's in one part may be you can drill them and put in the cylinders made out of different material that can enable you more powerful engine.
tuning is just sooo :S ehh complicated when you want to tune it to be really powerful I have 140bhp in my Peugeot 205 and it's just ok ... even tho i plan to get it to 200 I will be kinda unstoppable

Keep it up hope to see some updates soon :D


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So at the end I'll have to take a look to each bolt and nut (Astr0s :p)

3n1g - I thought about that too, wide tires and some weight loss would be great and with a roll-cage it'd look awesome too!! Thanks!!!

OldDog - Great, thanks, that's exactly what I was thinking about, that turbo could blow out my engine. So, in THIS PAGE I found many good stuff and as I have 3500 € to spend, I think I can get some good pieces (and for now, let's asume they'll fit my R5, could we??? :p)

So, OldDog, what do you think???? Would you give me a hand with this and take a little look at the pieces I could need???? I'll appreciate any help :D


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clio v16 engine fits the R5 even if you need to do some changes to the chassis But i don't think that you need to ;) ... but that's like for free any mechanic would do it if he knew how. I can look it to the prices, and what you need. even ask around the town... ahh btw you could also go to some shop's and ask around ... :) make your contest even more interesting :D
u need alot of cooling with the turbo, bigger fans radiators, stronger pipes and id probably see how much racing pistons or cam is for that car because the turbo will act like nitrouse, just gona make your engine burn so hot and fast that it wasnt designed for and could easily crack a piston n smash valves to pieces lol


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Hahaaaaaa.... I was looking in eBay and I found 2 R5 GT Turbo engines :

Engine with GearBox and Turbo - 400 GBP (455.685 €)
Engine with Box - 375 GBP (427.222 €)

Then, in the K-Tec Racing page I found this KTR Engine Rebuilds option that :

We are able to rebuild your GT Turbo engine to just about any specification from standard fast road to full race spec including dynamically balancing and blueprinting etc. The most popular rebuild we carry out is for fast road use and consists of removing the engine from the car, jet washing and cleaning the engine bay and engine, re-painting of the engine block and then supplying and fitting new, standard compression pistons and liners with new piston rings, liner seals gudgeon pins, thrust washers and shells (big end and main). A new timing chain and tensioner is also fitted. The cylinder head is then stripped down, inspected and usually skimmed (99% of heads are slightly warped when they are removed), the head is then re-built using all new gaskets and fitted back to the prepared block using our uprated head gasket and uprated head bolts. The coolant is changed and an oil and filter change is carried out before the car is road tested and set up. The cost for this type of re-build is £1150+vat including all parts and labour. Other options available include lightening and balancing the bottom end, crank grinding, gas flowing, pressure testing, fitting an uprated camshaft, ceramic coatings, wire ringing etc. Please call for futher details and to discuss what we can do for you
Only for 1,587.00 € (Inc vat) , how do you like this???? New engine, with a whole racing upgrade for :

- 2042,685 € -

And I'd still have around 1500 € for styling, wheels and rims :D

Mmmmm..... looks like the R5 GT Turbo wasn't very controllable - WIKIPEDIA - But I guess that, if I do some updates as with suspension and brakes it would be cool, wouldn't it be?????

Damn I'll run out of money here!!! How much for an used R5 engine????? Someone??... anyone???.... someone??? :p I have 4 old fashioned, sorry, I meant, classic R5 wheels for sale here :D


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I want to convert my R5 into a R5 GTR Blaster Road-eater Ltd. Edition without loosing its personality..... or at least its looks :p
Jeez... That does sound like it would be a road eater..... BTW.. How are we going to determine how fast we go and who makes or breaks ?? Hmmmm



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I think I'm on the right track here, I just received an e-mail from the guys at K-Tec Racing

Very few of the GT Turbo parts will fit the GTL, it would be best to have a GT Turbo or have the engine fitted from one.

I hope this helps.


David Kirk
K-Tec Racing Ltd
Isn't that great????

Now, wires.... ufff... restarted for the 5th time now..... I can't get the best modeling method here..... they'll come, I have to finish the whole GTL for the end of the month so.... no beach for me on the weekend :p
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