Ref pics

Well I'll be more helpfull then the run of the mill jerk and not say "GOOGLE" When I'm doing picture research for any car I model I always of course search google but I also think of the communities that surround these cars. THose are the best places to go. Example I was doing some research for pictures of an EV09 interior. Ebay was ok.. but basically usless. However my best bet was the enthusiast communities of the EVO itself, found everything I needed by browsing the site especially the forums. Only problem is you usually have to register with a site to use the forum search engine. I cant tell you how many places ive registered with and only used it one time.. but if it gets me what I need so be it.

Hope that helps.


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#3 is another place that *can* offer decent reference pictures... but they're every bit as sporatic as ebay pictures, and sometimes even worse quality heheh