RedStar's Dodge Charger Video Tutorial


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@RedStar : First of all thank you for this Tutorial ! I always wanted to see how you work, your work flow and just how the heck do you get it all aligned like that, and polys that equal..

I noticed that you use the tesselate a lot and delete vertex by vertex...
you know holding control when hitting backspace for removing the lines will automatic remove the vertex .. at least in the newer version of max :\ hope it works in the version 8... that would save you a lot of time ...
also new versions have something like automatic alignment, basicly the program is modeling stuff for you -.-

ahh btw... the detail that this is a tutorial of a DODGE !!! Is making me cry :D
Like all wishes come trough :D
glad you guys are happy.
Old dog, yeah mate, thats an old old tutorial. I have learned a lot of new tricks and techniques to modeling. Thats why i don't care for this tutorial anymore :p
awesome tutorial....worth the watch. I was wondering tho, thru the tutorial it mentioned doing the inside of the car and also texturing it. Is there more then the 4 dvd's or is this just were you stoppped