Real World Racer : VW Passat B6 Pikes Peak


u have great modeling skills but i think u r overdoing this.too much details if u think about it when its finished much of these won`t be visible except the interior. p.s. what system specs do you have? and core i7 maybe? 6 million poly`s and counting...that`s just sick.
p.s.(don`t drink and drive).


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Yeah, maybe a little over doing, but i can drop the turbosmooth from some stuff if i need to. Im on AMD Athlon 64 5200+ X2, 4Gb OCZ Reaper HPC 800Mhz and XFX HD4850 1Gb. Nothing too special, but i intend to use proxies when i render
Not really overdoing it IMO. It may not show in the final renders but we can all see the care and attention to detail. And I think that counts for heaps. Great work mate.:)