Real World Racer : VW Passat B6 Pikes Peak


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Thanks, will continue today if i find the time, again.

@golfgtimm, yeah, reckon i could, but i quite dont fancy the r36 nor the r-gt concept masks, i find the basic better ;p
You could remove the headlights like an usual Pikes Peak racer, but then the car would probably loose the good looks.. anyway check out the rear end of this vehicle, might get you some ideas on a diffuser for that rear bumper :)



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Yeah, perhaps i could radicalize the diffuser, havent really touched the rear yet apart from the current "small" diffuser & splines. The lights i intented to do because it could be driven elsewhere rather than just a purely pikes peak, also lights are just good to have xD Reckon some lights atleast suit the car better than lights-lookalike-stickers.. which would be easier to make though ;o


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Cheers! Yours looks bloody amazing btw. I shall finish this, just been at my girlfriends parent's house for the past few days and havent been able to model anything :( I really want to get back on this, hopefully tonight!


I love the small wings on the outside of the rear diffuser. They don't look robust but they rock ! Details on exhaust tips are nice too.

It looks like you have a small bump below the bulge of the rear light, on the body part. Otherwise no critic from me.