Real World Racer: Gallardo GT

Hi all!

How can "Real World Racer" exist without a Lambo?. Well, here is it, yet another Gallardo. I'll do my best so this is not "just another" Gallardo.

As this contest allows full customization, I will not be so worry about precision, but about "feeling". I'll cut this one hard, remove here and add there!.

Let's see how this ends... So far I've used many -many - time building the base curves, tweaking points, blending curves and so on. Finally, I came to something I can show.

Ahh, this will be a GT Gallardo... no brand, no particular body-kit. I'll try to merge some elements of other cars with it. You will notice it.

Cheers and good luck all!


Lol Kristian, don't know what to comment about that "moar!", thanks a lot anyways :grin:

Ok, I think I geting near something that resembles a lambo. As I said, this car does not intend to be a Gallardo replica, but a heavy mod of it. I'll take some parts out, put some new and change the general shape of cuts and that stuff.

An update snap-shot, just to say the projects is still alive. I better hurry up!

Note: fillets and side cut only to show how those parts may look ... not final in any way.

Cheers all!


Hi Tom. Agree, is too round, but that's on purpose ... as I said, I want something that looks very very much like a Gallardo, but that is not a Gallardo.

I'll give you a tip of what I am aiming at: imagine a big blend machine. You put there 2 o 3 Gallardos and thow in a Lotus Exide and maybe a bit of ... hmmm something else. What will you get out?

So, you will see it from distance and say yourself: ok, another gallardo. But when getting closer and closer, then ... not just another Gallardo.

Should be funny at leats!

Hi all,

Monday update. Redone some fillets and untrimed that ugly side cut. Lots of things to do.

Uploaded some snap-shots when checking for "bumps" and an export test to max. Mesh is really masive, specially arround fillets. This will be big when tires and details are added.



Small update. Abandoned the idea of round side panel cut (at least at the moment). Maybe it was too crazy trying to blend a Lotus into a Lamborghini.

Windows frames added. Next update should include front and back of car with skirts. This is where real fun begin...

Cheers all,


Hey smoker,

Nice work on the Lambo.:)

Can I ask what program you are using? I notice you say export to max. Looks like your outputing to an illustrator file?? looks interesting.

Hi Chris,

I'm using Rhino 3D V4 for this car. It is a nice and easy, yet powerfull NURBS application. Rendering abilities are not that good for my taste (maybe is just I'm bad at it). For rendering I export the surfaces, which are converted to meshes in .3ds file format (my choise, there are many other export formats).

There are much better exporters out there, but the .3ds is included with Rhino and when properly set up give nice results. The super high poly count is the price to pay, but it worth.

The way the model looks on snap-shoots are related to display set up. I like to see surfaces without isocurves but with edges on. You can check all the bits: curves and isocurves, edges and even curvature graphs and zebra analysis! It's so good to check continuity and reflexions flow over surfaces, really helps. For the last snap-shot for instance, I'm using an environment map on that surface to see how reflexions flow over the side panel cut. Looks fair enough to me.

For rendering I'm going with Max 2k9. Importing a .3ds file is just some clicks, but sometimes surface normals are inverted, so some work may be needed on Max to fix that.

Hi all,

Have been working on many tiny time consuming details you probably won’t notice at first glance. Redone some parts. Less work to be done.

I really don't want to overload the thread with useless uploads, but at the same time I want to keep a "record" of the workflow, so here goes a few more shots.

- Main surfaces so far. Almost all big and simple.
- A couple of shoots of another export test to max. Horribly big polycount, but looking good so far. This by far the more painful part of all this.
- A couple of shoots in Rhino viewport. Don't know how I will be "skinning" this car. Single color or stripes?. Don't know.

I know some parts are off, but hey, this is a modified Lambo after all...

Cheers all,


Hi all,

Thanks a lot Chris, very glad you liked them. Body work almost finished. Now I'll be working on front (not shown here), skirts and seams. I'll be doing some kind of interior too.

I better seriously hurry, 'cause some guys here are already a couple of laps ahead!



Hi all,

Not really an update. Back was completely redone (pic 34) and some seams started. A (kind of) clay render to check mesh too.

Cheers, Joe.

PD: those ugly rims and tires are from the C9, they are just place-holders...


Hey Midoo, that's an idea :) ... but I can't imagine what to do with the four back exhaust pipes. Maybe an 8 exhaust hiper charged lambo :p

A "real" update soon!

Cheers all,