Real World Racer: Baja 1000 '70 El Camino

This is the first SMC contest, that I'm particiating in and I hope, that I can finish my entry. I chose to model the '70 Chevrolet El Camino. It ain't gonna be easy, as there aren't any blueprints of this one, so the only thing that I'm using is poor side print I made out of a photo, and of course some reference images. So far I have started to rough out the main shape of the body, and this is what I've done so far.


Well Sergo, the one in "My name is Earl" was actually a '73 El Camino and mine's a '70 model.

So far I've tweaked the roof a little, as well as the rear part. Right now I'm working on the rear.


Hey Mad Mike,

I think theres just a lot going on at the moment. Dont get stressed about lack of comments. Keep going with it man. Its looking good. I for one am wanting to see this finished!
Hi Mike. I 'm assuming your a young un from your camp statement so I'll skip my usual slightly skewed humor. If you would allow me a few suggestions. Think about a few more cuts around the headlights (round them out more). Triangles wont hurt you. Keep an eye on your seam thickness above the headlight nacel. A few cuts throught your larger poly's wouldn't hurt. Your geometry appears to be very clean. You have made a great start. I love your choice of car. Something with charactor. People either love the El Caminos or they hate them but everyone looks twice, thats charactor.

I like it, have not been on the forum for a couple of weeks. Are you going to put a roll bar and everything like that in too?, that will be really cool. Look forward to seeing your progress.
Damn, I think, I won't be able to make it on time. I'm leaving for another week. I may finish it apart from the contest, cos I wanted to make this one detailed. Thanks for the comments everyone and for suggestions metabadger, I appreciate that.