Real World Racer: 59 Aston Martin DBR1


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It looks awesome I really like it, the car looks so real, but only thing that I hate at all car models are headlights, they never look real. :/

Any how the modeling and texturing are amazing and i love it :D
excellent work, metabadger!
the only (little) thing i don't like is that the sticker with the number is as glossy as the car paint. imo these stickers are made of a kind of plastic foil so it shouldn't be that glossy. what about trying a spec map?
but still: :eek:
i really didn't know that you have a car in the contest , i saw the car befor but i didn't read the name of the member really becase i was checking all .. well , not all , most of the threads in the contest

i loved your details and the car is clean to me , mybe you can adjust the tiers matirial a littel not the refliction but the colour

i loved the black & white photo of the car in the museum at the back , it's really look like real photo to me right now

good luck
Thanks for everyones comments and support.

OldDog; I have headlight textures in my nightmares.

fahrer17; The Roundals on this car are actually painted however as you pointed out there should be a noticable specular and reflective difference when the vinyl decals are applied. In this case the numbers would be vinyl. I dropped the specularity 10% and the reflectivity 15%. Maybe a little too much. The difference is most noticible on the "5" on the hood. Thanks

midoo55; I have tire textures in my nightmares.

I've posted my final renders. The extras are a little bright. I learned alot about textures with this piece. Time to move on. There's a little red roadster in my future.

sleeping soundly
amazing job... so far I'm really doubting between the Holden Dakar and this one... and I think that if I'd have to choose between the two I'd go for this, simply because this is a marvelous and utterly stunning car in r/l, and you really did justice to it by making a sublime model of it... I can honestly say that Ted Cutting would be proud :D