Punto Corsa Estremo


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It was time to continue with a new project and couldn't decide wich car I should model.
Being a huge race fan of V8 supercars, WTCC, BTCC, DTM and all other touring championships, I decided to flip the Punto-model into a fullbread racecar.

Main purpose it to model the exterior, but maybe, if time is on my side, I'll make the interior and engine-drivetrain for a cool animation(training) :cool:

First I started of with a quick mockup of the main changes that should be applied
HGTE - Mockup 01.png

Seeing the fact that a Punto is small and relativly tall, the wide body kit made her look awkard.
So I flattened the original model using ffd and made her overall line less bulky and more flat.

The new base mesh turns out like this
HGTE - Model - Fase 01.00.png

HGTE - Render - Fase 01.00.png

HGTE - Model - Fase 01.01.png

HGTE - Render - Fase 01.01.png

Next up is to make the wide body including diffuser/bottom/splitter in detail.

Any C&C or advice in cool racing-tricks to ad is much appreciated!

Keep u posted ;)



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Thx Prykie!

@ Guile: These only exist in places where you can afford these non-quads, beeing in a 'pinched' area or flat area when I dont see a solution to keep it in quads ;-)