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My Buick Lacrosse CXL Premium from model year 2009:

My first, my family also owns a Mercedes-Benz 250C Coupe year 1972, its under repair so i don't have any pictures:(
I went from this-

To transforming it into this-

Then I bought a house and the fun stopped, my life ended and I got this-

(not the actual photo of my car as I haven't taken any, but it looks the same)

Its surprisingly fun to drive o_O


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Just thought I'd update you all on my new car. Not at all replacing the Impreza Outback, but I just needed a second car to take over while I repair things on my car, a more economical car for going to and from work, and I wanted something cheap.

Kinda wishing I had been able to get a small car, but my favorite option, the Smart Fortwo wasn't going to fly with my wife as our fall-back car. (the window is still open once we can get a "hobby car" XD) and the Fiat 500 wasn't in our price range. I kinda wish I had been aware of the Scion IQ so we could've test driven it, but all in all I'm satisfied with our new car.

Everyone, meet my 2013 Nissan Versa SV 1.6L 4-cylinder, 109-hp economy machine. With being able to get about 45mpg on the highway on average (if I try), I think this is one of the most economical vehicles I could've bought without going for one of my more preferred tiny cars... of which my favorites aren't produced anymore

(Mazda Autozam AZ-1, Honda Beat, Mazda Miata (1st gen), Toyota Sera, Suzuki Twin, Ford Ka)

The only small cars that interest me that are still in production (as far as I know) are the Scion/Toyota IQ, the Smart Fortwo, the Tata Nano, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi I-Miev, and the Chevrolet Spark. Though the spark is a little larger than my optimum car

Anyway, Enough blab from me, and moar car pic.


My car is a Ford Taunus GT '78. 112CV for a car of 1200Kg, it's not bad. And it has custom cams and exaust, so it's funnier at high revs.
Unfortunatly, I still don't have the money to put new piston rings, and it really need them (it doesn't throw a white could backwards, but it does burn a lot of oil), but it still can move fast. Old power...

The to-do list includes:
piston rings
front end
lower and harder suspension
195/R14/60 front and 225/R14/50 rear
new brake discs fitting with the 14" rims, fron and rear
rear spoiler gt500's style
Yellow paint


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Just thought I'd update you all on my new car. (...) Everyone, meet my 2013 Nissan Versa SV (...)
The only small cars that interest me that are still in production (as far as I know) are the Scion/Toyota IQ, (...)
Aw shucks. I was seriously typing out Scion iQ back then? I am an absolute idiot. How could I know about the iQ and not consider it an option? If I'd test driven it instead of the Versa, I would have chosen the iQ in a heartbeat.

Now I'm stuck with a piece of junk Nissan that's showing its ugly Nissan inner demon each month it seems... One month my Master Cylinder goes out and it spends a month and a half in the shop. After the brakes are repaired they feel all meh and seems as though there's air in the lines. The rear drums squeak like you wouldn't believe, there's oil apparently seeping from the engine head gasket already, the transmission does weird bullhonkey with its RPMs, although the versa I drove when my car was in the shop for a Check-Engine-Light had the same transmission RPM oddities, so I'm not sure I should worry about that...

The Versa I drove during the CEL test also had excessive "econobox steering wheel vibrations" like, during slow speed maneuvering, you'll feel the wheel vibrate... the dashboard readout with the odometer/fuel economy/fuel levels/water temp had grown too dim to see during 50% of outdoor lighting conditions during the day, had same rattles my car has, only louder, and also featured a trunk that springs open much nicer than mine, is mine already wearing out?

To top it all off, The EPA numbers are 31mpg City, 40mpg Highway, and yet even babying the throttle the entire way so that my instant fuel economy read-out almost always read over 46mpg, rarely dipping below 42mpg... a completely-highway trip I took recently maxxed my actual fuel economy out at 37mpg. The car said I got 45mpg - Until you do the math... witw. My average MPG is about 31 or 32, and I do a LOT of mundane highway driving. Friggin not even a year yet and I have over 22,250 miles on the car. I should be getting at least 37 average, not 32. If I knew I was going to get gypped on the fuel economy so badly, I would have easily gone with one of the other cars that stated 37 or 38 was their max economy. Heck, the iQ says 36city/37highway.

AND NOW I find out I KNEW about the iQ back then? Wut in thu wurld.

Wanted tiny car like Smart Fortwo. Thought Fortwo was too rough and bumpy. Bought Nissan Versa, it sucked, wished I had bought a Scion iQ after test driving one half-year later. Didn't even consider the iQ with my purchase options. Sad Panda when I realize I knew about iQ when writing my first post here about my Versa. :(

the TLDR was TLDR:
Nissan Versa I bought sucks, WHY COULDN'T I have bought the iQ?