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finally my gol is back! had to change all the belts and water pump.... it was a miracle that the valves, etc weren't broken... thank god the old drive belt hadn't got cut, it just lost a few dents and made the car go "out of point" (don't know how it's called in english... bad timing??)

It's the european forum for AE86 owners, but loks of folk from abroad also post.

@michael: pay a trip to Ireland, 86's grow under rocks there!


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These are both my cars, the one in the background is a part of my house.
The white one is a 335i E92 M Sport (light tuned with exhausts, airfilter, intercooler, pistons, cam shaft, ECU etc.), the blue one is a 330 XD E91 stock (only a bit of turbo pressure, 0.3 bar more).
I've sold the 335i in December, currently i own the diesel only :sneer:


This is my baby: a 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300TE 3.6 Carlsson.

technical data:
- 240 PS
- ~450Nm
- > 250 kph
- 6 cylinders in line
- injection
- 1 camshaft
- 12 valves
- 5 gears
- rear wheel drive
- 3.6 litres cylinder capacity
- 0-100 kph: < 7 sec.
- weight: ~ 1400 kg
- tyre dimensions: 205/65 R15
- rare Fuchs rims
- lower suspension setting
- 144944 km