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Arthur Dent, your post surprised me a lot! How could you get a Niva in Canada? I've heard, some Niva's were sold to GB, Latin America, France and Germany, but I didn't heard anything about niva's in Canada :eek:
BTW, getting the original parts should be a big problem for you ;) Or you are going to buy them via internet?
Nivas where sold in Canada from early 80s until 1998. We had Skodas for a while too. Parts hard than a Ford but certainly obtainable. A few ex-Lada dealers still around.
Hey there! 1st post!

I'm currently a design student at the University of Colorado. I would say I'm proficient in Rhino, and Beginner in 3dsMax. I haven't yet attempted to model a car.

On to what this thread is about...

I drive a 1996 toyota 4runner. I purchased the vehicle in 2005 when I was 16 years old. It was completely stock and had 160,000 miles on it. I've put far too much money into it now, and it has 248,000 miles. Still going strong!

Here are some pics!



Say goodbye to the Citroën C5 Tourer, say hello to the Renault Laguna III Estate.

During 2 years and a half with the C5, I experienced many troubles. I described them here, the latest are :
- Clutch was about to fail, while the car was only 81000km !
- One lock for the rear seat was broken, I was unable to fold it...

It's a corporate car, and one of my manager left us so I was able to pick his car and sell mine. So my new ride is a Laguna III Estate (station wagon) by Renault. Here are some details :
- Metal black.
- 16" alloy rims
- Limited edition named "Black Edition", which means the headlights housings are black too. Looks a bit like Darth Vader ride on the front side, but otherwise it's more elegant than the C5 (which was more aggressive).
- Diesel (yeah, it sucks), a bit less powerful (110 instead of 130hp) but less weight so it's much more fun to handle.
- Bluetooth enabled (I didn't have it in the C5) so it's nice for a music addict for me to be able to have the thousands of tracks stored in my smartphone available in the car without plugging anything. It's the major advantage of the change :)

The former user wasn't a genius at cleaning, so I had to spent a few hours to clean it up to match my integrist standards... Especially a really suspect white spot on driver seat... No comment needed, guys :)

I'll post pics asap. Attached is an internet pic.


Sorry to hear that about your C5. I always thought modern Citroens are more reliable. I wouldnt buy one but I expected it to be better. Im still waiting to see you show up with a 5 series tho. :D

@snowrunner: Welcome in teh forums! Thats what I call money well invested, much better than all those riced out Civics and Toyotas.
Here is mine all cleaned up and before someone decided to back into the hood....btw, lots of nice rides posted up here!

2007 Mustang GT, pretty much stock for now (K&N Filter, Muffler Deletes, and Hurst Shifter).

I popped up a couple of my wife's 2007 Daytona Charger we just got rid of (gas hog!). I hated to see it go but we have our reasons.



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Some more recent pics of my cars. Marquis got a blower last year.

I also picked up a 1996 Ford Crown Vic last summer to use as a winter beater. So far it lasted this whole winter without problems.

finaly got my own,
bought this 2003 peugeot 206 1.4 HDI Diesel today

i needed it as i cant borrow my dads Citroën Xsara every day now i'm back to work.

ill post some more pictures later.