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Traffic Car Connoisseur
Here's my car...

I'd like to get all heavily into modding with the thing... but much of that depends on whether you can convert an automatic into a manual transmission vehicle :p

I still may use it to get into body part crafting though, make some funky mods for it... make it look like a mini ford taurus wagon from the front end perhaps.... I dunno

and that's all ages into the future, when I have my own house and all that
@Nik excellent colour :)

Hehe I got some small plans to tune mine aswell. Small rearwing bigger tyres and better looking rims but I got more important things to do atm myself.


The Land Cruiser Maniac
My small bucket..

Some small updates in it:
Automatic diff.lock on rear axle
235/75 *15 wheels
40mm Old Man Emu suspension lift kit
+ other small things.

Now I´m having starter problems and engine idle... dang...
Here's mine:

Had several stop/start attempts to model it but I've never managed to progress far enough to have anything worth posting on here.
I need to take them through the car wash, but they get the job done.

yup, unfortuntely i just joined your position today, :(, had to return my car today to the dealership, lease is over... ahhhh, no more protege5, wow, my name feels so empty and useless all of the sudden, no more mpfive, lol