OH WOW! to many comments O.O many thanks guys! I am very pleased to hear that :)

@0utsider:. its mix of both, I would have to reconstruct the background in 3D, and then use original shot as texture.

Flawless! really like the style. I think you surpassed the photo-realism stage and now you just want to create the most beautiful images possible :)
I am curious about the model type. Are these NURBS surfaces or did the client send you a prepared poly mesh and if so any idea about the polygon count.
many thanks guys!
@Ali Ismail :. poly mesh with " like RS7 10.249.551 polys (and this is the small one)" its always impossible to handle this thing smoothly. so i´m using other stuff to make it a little easier (possible), and with much luck, no crashes every 10 min ;-), and when you use Mray, you will don't have a render btn any more, but a crash btn ;)

@KIRO :. many thanks :), this will be an online session "LIVE" i think for Vray3 and Max "to many people asking me about it" to many people thinking the render make beautiful Images, but this not 100% correct, i saw to many Maxwell renderings that looks strange.. there is no relation in between "my opinion". i dont know if you still interested an live session.

Will it be a general VRray 3dsmax orientated discussion or more specialized on your work (workflow, materials, lighting, post production) and when will it be ?
My favorite is the 918 render, not because of the car, but because it looks the most realistic to me, so I would love to see a tutorial on how you acheive such a look/feel from start to finish (not including modeling, modeling is a whole other subject) :)
(the second thing ) it will be a brand new project, and i will start it from layout and end it with final high-end print result. and yes, no modeling included.

"when will it be"
every year quarters, i just need more people ( people with more theory then practice , like students).

"that's some bad*** work man !
would you mind posting some breakdown or something ? ."

Many thanks!
i will try my best, to post some breakdown @ next.