Porsche 935


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Hi Dave, really nice job on the low poly 935 racer there. You are right there is a bewildering variety of these, it's hard to decide which one to do! I like the paint job you chose for yours.
Pm sent.


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wow putting together all those logo's must have taken forever. Nice job on the model too. Looks sweet. I am amazed by people who do low poly, I have a hard time with it! My friend wanted me to do a go-cart for him, and it was like me thinking of creative ways to do stuff with basically nothing lol. Thank's for sharing.
The model looks awesome. Can you please explain me the workflow that you used to unwrap the car and put all the stickers on it . Thanks in advance and keep this thread up !


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bit more work done, switched to the body for a change of scenery.
Big thanks to dave3d, for the reference, filled in a couple of holes in my library.

Thanks for you comments guys!

Killer, I think you're refering to dave's image, I imagine he Uv unwrapped the whole thing to do the textures. Which I will be doing too at some point I will post some details of the unwrapping workflow when the time comes.



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I only have 3 words for you "De" "light" "ful"..... no more to say :p

Please show us mortals some wires so we can smell excelence... well, kind of... :D Could you please update your profile with your machine settings???? I wonder how many Umpa Lumpas you've got there pedaling (if you know wnat I mean) :D

Keep updating please, this is so motivating :thumbsup:



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Thankyou Namreg, you are too kind. And yes I keep forgetting to dig up that file for you! I will try to remember tonight. I enjoyed your reminder!

I will post some wires but there is nothing very exiting about them. Especially as I'm trying to keep this as a low poly high-poly model if that makes sense. To many polys and the renders take too long and I lose my workflow. right now it's still under a million.
Your work always amazes me Nashwan. This is absolutely stunning work! Keep it up! Cannot wait for the renders! Whatever happened to your Datsun?!


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Viffex, Thanks! Datsun is still alive, just shelved for now!

Chris, Ah ok thanks, there is another more disk shaped one in my ref too, I will switch it out. Do you have any idea what it's for? Does it take the bite out of very torquey engines or something?

So I have done a bit of bodywork, front end needs so details tidying up and a few bumps to iron out but is mostly there. I thought I try out some of the 70s paint schemes.


The doughnut was originally called a "ragjoint" or Metalastik joint. To be correct ('60's vintage) this shaft would have only 2 joints, the doughnut at the trans and the U-joint at the wheel.

The doughnut allows for some telescoping (length) movement. When the suspension moves up and down the driveshaft has to change length. U-joints alone can't do this.

The doughnut was replaced by modern CV joints (which can change length) because they were hazardous due to breakage. If you want to model this car as a vintage/historic race car you could model CV axles because that's all they run now.

'60s race car, donut at the trans, U-joint at the wheel

U-joint axle with telescoping splines in the middle, 240Z, Pantera

Modern CV


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I cound'nt remember how good the surfaces were so I tried one of those reflection lines shaders, lookspretty messed up in a few parts.
I couldn't resist making a start on the martini color scheme.

martini_surfacer2.jpg martini_surfacer.jpg