Porsche 911 Sport Classic (997 MK2) 2010


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This particular model of the 997 gamma is a collector's car, very expensive (about 200.000£) but it's one of the most fashinating 911 ever in my opinion. Practically it's based on 997S with every available optional, technical optionals also like the sporty exhaust, rimapped ECU, PCCB, air filters and so on. It's incredibly refined as details, and it's a limited version. Its biggest feature is the ducktail as the 70s 911 RS.
I love it, a ''must'' for every 911 collectors.
Anyway, here some detailed references for who want to model it. Please note how every composite and plastic detail is very different from a standard 997 Carrera.
Enjoy this beauty, so elegant and sporty at the same time :)