Porsche 911 GT3


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You know when you eat a cake and it's nice but it could be better, so you put ice cream on and it's suddenly heavenly. This is the ice cream on the cake. I mean goddamn dude, that's really some next level stuff there. You said you use booleons and then cleanup the mesh afterwards but I'm really struggling to understand how, I mean your meshes and textures are just... Even the finger swipes from the dust on the extinguisher is just astonishing.

Did you learn professionally or are you self-taught? How long have you been modeling for and have you always worked on hard surface objects solely?

I hate to be the burden of the bunch, but even one video or a picture tutorial on your booleon process would be so sweet.

How did you begin modeling the helmet too, I've tried so many times making sports helmets but failed so hard. Usually start with a cube, subdivide it and then use a lattice/FFD to shape it into the general shape of the helmet. But still.

I'm just lost for words here, I mean I looked at the door and thought cool I can model that... handle. LOL