Porsche 911 GT3 RS(991.1)

Hi guys,

Started modeling the GT3 RS a few months ago. Already finished modelling and texturing.
Same as for the Toyota Corolla I`m currently rendering the car.


Thanks, I didn`t track the exact time but about a week when every I found time for the materials and texturing. And a lot of working back and forth of course to get them as good as I could. Rendering was done in about a week aswell as I built one setup for the Corolla and the 911 and rendered both of them literally at once

Thank you, no worries I`m always happy to get some feedback and input to improve. If you have any tips don´t hesitate to tell me :)

Thanks man, glad you liked the M4 aswell. I`m already modelling something new in my spare time which I will post here soon :)