please help with car blueprint setup


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I looks like the print just isnt drawn correctly in the first place ... so these irregularities must be compensated for when modelling, or partially redrawn to match one of the views. There's no easy fix this Im afraid.
the reason why the prints don't align is because the contours are traced from these photos

I guess you’ll just have to perceiver with these prints or give up, i know how bad these prints are because I used them to model the amv8

at first I gave up after I realised how bad they were, so I tried the db9 prints instead and they were even worse, so I went back to amv8 and eventually I finished the exterior, although it’s inevitable that there are some flaws in the model as the prints are so bad

if you are going to try to use those prints, I suggest that you rotate the side view in photoshop so that the base of the car is flat

also the prints/pics are of the concept version of the amv8, you can find pics of the production version here (I really hope they don’t call it the db5, db8 might be more appropriate)