oh sorry ok. pan camera tool.

thanks for helps espacially

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I was experimenting with Imagemodeler yesterday and I found if you create polygons when your locators are green it will define the basic shape of the model once placed in 3dsmax. Also someone mentioned something about a pirated copy of IM, mine isn't pirated. I bought Max 2009 unopened on ebay for a great price, when I registerd it was offered to me as a bonus. Do you thinks I said no...OF COURSE NOT! I'll be back soon with my Freelander 2 scene in 3dsmax.
I found if you create polygons when your locators are green it will define the basic shape of the model once placed in 3dsmax.
i never use any modeling tools inside IM..
i think its better to use this time for placing more modeling locators
and then - splines + surface/nurbs or just usual polymodeling using this 3d cage
difference is only in ImageModeler (IM)

calibration locators (CL) are used in calibration, modeling locators (ML) - not
so basically i create about 50 CL for camera matching and then about 50+ ML for modeling purposes
sometimes i convert ML to CL and recalibrate cameras to add some preciseness
in this case all ML are corrected too, so don't be afraid to spoil everything

outside IM there is no difference..they all are exported as helpers
Tom, I bookmarked your site several months ago and admire your work, especially the Marcos, as I tend to be a bit more traditional than most around here. I played with insight3d a couple of times but really couldn't get the hang of it, although I didn't try very hard, either. I'm on other projects now, but will get back to it, as there are cars I'd like to model - I'm a 1/24th scale builder - that there are no plans for; the only way to produce them is by photomodeling from photos.
I actually enjoyed using insight3d. Not because the software is fine, but because I'm really enthusiast with photomodeling.

Well, I guess doing a Sesto Elemento with only sharp edges is much easier than doing eg. the Marcos.
I have 9 of that Maserati. But I've tried it with about 25 of the Pegaso Thrill and made a big mess of it. I'll try again with the Pegaso and post the results.
Still having lots of problems with numerous green lines. I'm using about 50 points on 22 photos; I('m wondering if my problem is mixing photos from different sources? Next experiment is to use photos from one source.


VitD in post 61 says that you can use photos from different cameras in insight. Now I'm really confused. But will keep hacking away at it. Got to learn insight3d, as IM is waaaaaay too expensive. VitD, can you point the way out of my problem?
I find that I can buy from discount software dealers ( not torrents or crackz or anything like that) Realviz ImageModeler 4.0 for $65 and Autodesk ImageModeler 2009 for $200. What is the difference between them , if any? Insight3d is beginning to wear me out.