Phantom Corsair (1938)


I really appreciate your offer to model the car. It really would be nice to share the reference material.
Can’t promise though that would start working on the project straight away: currently modelling a 30s’ Autocar truck.


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hello, I'm working on this car. It's not 100% technically accurate though it was not my goal. I want to make overall similarity and put it into Mafia 1 game. There will be LODs, UVs and textures.



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Does anyone have clear picture of these instruments or maybe you know what these tools are? I need an image of a similar instruments at least — stuck on this atm.


edit: okay, after some researches within cord 810/812 related images I got the idea of some of them though some still are unknow to me. Here's updated image:


So 6 items are not presented. I want to collect all of them and put together on the sheet in a raw style. Then I'll re-work them in high quality. Here's what I got so far:


After raw dashboard gauges will be finished I'll continue with interior details. I want to make 2 version of dash: first one will be based on a vintage advertise pictures, second one will be made by images of survived version of the car in which many detail were re-done such as top control panel and bottom pillow-like part of the dash.
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