Peugeot HX1


Peugeot drew some considerable attention at the Paris Auto Show last year when they introduced the EX1 electric concept for the very first time. This year, the French automaker is looking to repeat that with the introduction of their latest concept, the six-seater MPV concept called the HX1.

Blessed with a unique layout that makes use of Peugeot’s new design language, the HX1 is the company’s presentation of what their ’big’ models could look like in the future. The new revolutionary design includes "half-scissor" doors and a "floating" front grille akin to some of the company’s newest production models. The HX1 also features a hybrid powertrain system consisting of a 2.2-liter diesel engine and a rear-mounted 70kW electric motor.

All told, the HX1 Concept is Peugeot’s attempt in breaking new ground with their future models. No word yet on if the car is headed to production anytime soon, but that’s neither here nor there. For now, the important thing is that the French automaker is slowly stretching its legs, leaving behind the conservative ’label’ that they’ve been carrying for the longest time.

peugeot-hx1_concept_2011_super-fond_02.jpg peugeot-hx1_concept_2011_super-fond_08.jpg peugeot-hx1_concept_2011_super-fond_15.jpg peugeot-hx1_concept_2011_super-fond_01.jpg

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Call me a SOB, but this is not my fav. concept. Looks good, but i'm not crazy about it. thank's for sharing. lacks the WOW factor.