Pagani zonda

Thank you for the donation :) I think the pics would be better without the black model lines in there, blueprints taken from 3d models look better either drawn in illustrator, or with no wireframe so you can see the full shape.

As I said before, thanks for the donation, the model looks accurate, most prints in this section does get moved into the correct place after a little while as they need to be checked so that there aren’t any copies (same print).

James ;)
i'm really apreciate for this prints, but this line make wrong ilusion for lines that are not there like on the side print the rear fender must be clean but there are some lines, that i don't belong there
can you make a copy of the pruints without lines, please

i'm sorry about my english
are those the prints of pandra's model that were posted on another forum?

@dissaster: the lines are from rhino i believe. it would make more sense to follow the shapes and highlights than the lines.

i wasn't insinuating that you did anything wrong. i just wanted to check to make sure i wasn't wrong about it being the lines on the nurbs model.

I'm sure they'll help, could you attach pics to your first post? Imageshack is slow and those pics might not last there long enough