Over 6000 prints and counting

Well first off it’s actually 5995 topics in each print forum. However I do know for a fact that on many occasions members have posted two or more prints in the same topic. So on that note, I do know it is over 6000. Anyhow it is good to be at such a grand number. A number which would not have even been remotely possible with out the many generous donations made from our members. I'm just glad that there are places like this to help out; not only professional high poly modelers, but the average game modeler or the newest newbie starting out. Again big thanks and hope we can keep SMC going strong. :D
Wow, and to think, I never thought SMC would make it this far. I'd like to thank all the mods and admins for keeping this place running as I have been very busy with college starting up again and working a lot of hours, and another big thanks goes out to all the people who have posted prints and donated them, thanks guys!
That is impossible! Niiiiiice! SMCars is for me really the best resource of blues from all (suurland and onno have blueprints? :D) Cheeeers! I will go to open Whiskey Cream Stock :)
hehe well glad everyones as happy as the SMC team.

Darker : well if your asking if Onno or Suurlands prints make up our # as well the answer is, no hehe. The beautiful part is each site has there own different prints.