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Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 23.13.05.png

I kinda like that line - makes it look a bit like a boat.

Tweaked the body a bit. Not sure I'll continue with this though, kinda stuck with the front.
Just stumbled onto this forum again and found your topic.

Sweet work on that previous car! I personally love the headlights. Something fresh and unique. Proportions are also pretty much spot, I really like the overall shape of the car. Can't really criticize anything.

Interesting project this new one too. I do agree with goran333 on the previous page about that line on the low side. Doesn't compliment the shoulder line in no way. Also (from this view angle at least), I find the rear portion looks like it's from a different car than the front portion. The rear is bulky and curvy while the front is small and flat. Maybe incorporate that curvy hip shape just above the rear wheel well onto the front fender as well?


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Well since you modeled Agera i'm figuring this is like a child's play for you..or maybe i'm wrong?:) Looks cool so far. Spitfire is the best looking fighter in my eyes from WW2 era.

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Thanks guys! The workflow difference between Alias and Blender is so big that it's hard to compare the two. Some stuff is a lot easier to do in Alias, while other things are harder. With six years of experience in Blender and about three weeks in Alias, don't expect me to be modelling an Agera any time soon! One thing's for sure though: I haven't had this much fun modelling in a really long time.

And yes, the Spitfire is a real beaut, especially the Mk 14 or later variants with the tear drop shaped canopys. It's not technically a car though, hope it's fine posting this stuff here.


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Oscar J

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Yeah, there is a certain tendency of too much styling in todays automotive sketching. But the way I see it is - learn to draw like the pro's, then start finding your own style. :)

Aston Martin you say? Not bad, least it's British. :) Beautiful cars as well.