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Oscar J

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Some progress on my concept - wanted to see how it'd look with some reflections on. Not that happy with it, but it's my first 3D concept after all.

concept harbour side.jpg
concept small.jpg


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Really like the rear part of the car, about front, honestly that hood scoop shape and headlight shape looks strange to me, but of course its a personal preference.
Dang! That's a really slick design. I wonder if some more sharpness wouldn't be welcome. Especially around the back, some extra edge loops could bring nice prominent lines and add interest. Also the front edge of the door panel stands out as super straight and doesn't fit in with the rest of the really flowy design. Overall, amazing work. This is way better than I could do, haha.

Oscar J

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Still working on this design. Rear spoiler design is probably going to change a bit (don't like the transition between it and the body from some angles).

Dirty render:


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These renders are so cool! It makes the model really look different/better from the viewport shots. The side mirror reminds me of the one-77 like how it goes into the body panel, but your version is cooler


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Hi Oscar, your design makes me think at Pininfarina cars like Sintesi, Maserati Birdcage and Ferrari modulo.
The headlight render is great. Really like the plastics dirty imperfections like in handmade concepts.