open-source rearwing model by FuNK!

open-source rearwing model by FuNK!

Licence: CC BY-NC: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

+ you are allowed to remix, tweak and use it for your own non-commercial work
+ you should credit me as the original author
+ you can release your derivate work with any other license as long as your work is non-commercial

content of this release:

- Blender source file (*.BLEND render scene, open with Blender 2.60a for best results!)
- different 3D model formats already included (*.3DS, *.X and rF *.GMT)
- shadow-map (4096x4096 *.PNG)
- wireframe (2048x2048 *.SVG)
- basic texture for model (2048x2048 *.DDS)

This wing is not finished (missing template etc.) and I know it's not the best wing on earth but maybe can inspire others to publish their unfinished work under free licenses or someone can make use of this model. At least I would be very happy to see someone mounting this wing to his car :D




Thanks for sharing.

You should attach a render or a screenshot of the part, to motivate people to download the .blend and to use it.

Also, if you want specific feedback for Blender models sharing, you can take a look at BlendSwap : Blend Swap » Home.