Nissan SkylineR32 GT-R

Managed to pull myself away from playing with the viewport shader for long enough to do something.

went in and textured up the rubber/window trim properly since the flat black color is pretty pants looking, and while i was at it add in details like the rear window trim piece/clips etc.
lots of small mapping and texture changes here and there...probably forgot to mention i re-did the intercooler, anyways there's nothing exactly that exciting in the pictures, maybe the red? :p

updated with the JP numberplate with a decent resone now that i found the psd template i made up for the numberplate.

Hey endo, I'd love to see a bit of a write up on how you do your headlights. You've got this special multi-layered trick for it that looks super convincing?
No worries, its quite simple really but expensive to a certain degree since its an extra draw-call and of course involves alpha.

at least it gave me a reason to remove the stupid frames from some bits of the website.