Nissan SkylineR32 GT-R

Are those screenshots from Racer? It looks pretty nice, it's been awhile since I tried it last time so I guess I should give it a new try then :)

Not much to say about your car, it still looks awesome :D
Yup, screenies from racer. It doesn't look to bad as a game now that it runs Cg shaders so there's alot more possibilities with normal maps, paint shaders etc. etc.
still, has the problem that nothing is standardised, shaders/lighting setup/LOD etc... so some tracks look good, some tracks don't, so cars are nice, some aren't, and with the new versions alot of older cars haven't been updated. But otjher than that its still good fun.

I really should get on and complete the list of things that need done on the model :p but fannying about with liveries is a bit more fun.
Oh it's supporting nextgen shizzle, then I'm definitely gonna try it. I've been thinking to put some of my cars to GTAIV but since it's not having tools for Max I haven't done any sofar. Racer is afaik relatively easy to mod :)
still passing away my lunch breaks texturing... what started off as a bit of fun doing a matching car to the old Advan Kurata AE86 i made, has become the entire 1993 GR.A line up

still very WIP of the cars so far, still havent modelled any of the N1 parts, but they're fairly simple additions to be done at a later date, and the FET car is missinig since not much progress has happened with it, and there's alot of missing decals etc. on the HKS, Kyoseki, Unisia JECS cars.

Still it makes a nice picture
Whole bunch of tweaks and changes across the liveries...

Calsonic - Finished, saftey decals added (albeit a bit stretched :S)
Taisan, logo spacing changed, Taisan logo made larger, saftedy decals etc. (kenwood logo needs fixing still)
HKS, drivers names added, missing sponsor logos added, corrected the number font, finished adding the orange lines
Unisia, orange swoosh changed (still missing decals from the side skirts)
BP - Completed
FET - Not really anywhere decent yet.. still fannying around with the side logo
Kyoseki - still in the early stages...

Current shot of the 1993 Division 1 GR.A lineup
thought i'd give the viewport shader some love, now that i completed putting together the sponsoer decals on the Unisia JECS, and sorted out alpha maps for each of the cars.



really nice work brother ! it's been long time !
looking forward to see more projects from you !

Congratulation !
i've moved this thread into advanced section !
keep up the good work !

long long time..... work takes all the modelling juice away from my personal stuff :(

i wondered why my thread had vanished, :p lol

so i had a bit of time,
added the sunstrip sponsor decals to 5 of the cars, and changed them from the stock window look, then started on some wheels, fortunately they 7 cars run in 1993 only used 3 types of wheel though i still need to find a decent bit of ref for the BBS wheel that the FET and BP cars had.
Knocked out some tyre textures, and started scuffing up things like the centre locks etc, which got me thinking, i'll do a pass where i give the cars subtle battle damage and scuffs, the plain clean liveries are a bit boring. Still need to sort out some mapping, but they're looking a little more complete

*edit i just noticed, my brake rotors were hidden
Last file of the R35 was worked on at the start of april 2008 lol
It's still a WIP mess since i havent touched the model in 3 years, i warned you, but you wanted wires :p



i'm not dissapointed for a 2008 model bro ;) !
still looks hot ;) :p .
but it's no drivable car :p i need the interior so i can set and drive it :p .
don't you plan a nice interior for it ?
It's alright as a model i guess,
But tbh having spent time around 35s there's loads and loads of stuff to tweak and correct. Amongst them it still needs decent wing mirrors, monster brake calipers, the correct tyres, front splitter is completely wrong (partially because i was taking some creative liberties :p)
Lost a lot of motivation on it after my pc kept dying on me a corrupted the a few of the .psd's i was working on for all the textures, and the later max files were un-recoverable :(

Still it looked pretty nice the last time i ran it in Racer. It realy does need finishing though
(ancient screenshot... before all the fancy cg shaders)

simple HUD and bonnet cam for me :p who needs an interior!
The plan was to make an interior for it, afterall i spent ages taking detail shots of stuff as refernce, i just never got far enough with the model to start working on one.

back the 32 for the moment,

i re-viewport shadered it, since my brake rotors had vansihed lol, and a couple of material tweaks for fun.



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really nice piece of modeling :)

can you tell me what's the polycount on the Skyline? sorry if you had posted it already (was checking just the images)
really nice piece of modeling :)

can you tell me what's the polycount on the Skyline? sorry if you had posted it already (was checking just the images)
currently sitting around main body 36k, which includes:
Body + optional parts:
(Projector headlights, N1 headlights, Tomei Headlight intake/blanked passenger side light, Stock indicators, d-speed indicators, stock grill, N1 boot lip, N1 bonnet lip, Stock spoiler, Garage Sarus drag wing, wind deflectors, UK plates, JP plates), shadow model and collision model

still needs a whole bunch of stuff done, which is going to push the current count up, but at the same time i need to do a bit of clean up on the model and remove any un-needed polys. (which there are a fair few :p)
Interior (stock+stripped), underside needs completed, GR.A parts, N1 aero parts (N1 bumper/spats etc.)