Nissan SkylineR32 GT-R

so did some slight tweaks, at least the body mesh is getting there and almost decent enough looking, still there's some changes needed, windscreen needs more shape to it, still to flat going by the screenshot, and that c-pillar needs a subtle tweak.. possibly and extra row of polys to smooth it out. Grill needs sorting, since that was never made properly in the first place, wing badges need enlarging since they always looked too small, and i probably should tone down the dish on the wheels :p

lots to do... but still it's getting there, at least when the mesh is overlayed over a photo stuff pretty much lines up. Some pics below not an absolute match, but trying to line everything up in the viewport with perspective is a pain, hence my monster indicator which is actually the right size, but close enough for a comparison

model looks fantastic,like you said theres some small tweaks,the things i see most are the roofline where it slopes towards the back and the mirrors,but overall like i said it looks really great mate.
lol, dont get me started on mirrors :p

but yes, i know what you mean, the c-pillar has been a topic of endless discussion since it looks wrong sometimes, gets tweaked, looks correct, then i take a screenshot later on at a random angle and its back to looking wrong again.

I was standing in fron of the car trying work it out the other week, from some 3/4 angles it looks perflectly straight, and you can't see the rear windscreen like in the screengrab, then change the angle slightly and it bows out and makes the model look wrong. Eventually i'll get it looking right (only bad thing, its made me realise how weird my car looks from some angles in real life. :O)
i do need to slightly tweak the rear window though, so that'll probably help alot.

finally bothered to take some decent ref of the N1 headlights, so i can make up the glass diffuser pattern, and get the model up todate with the 1:1
Haha, that reminds me of the Roadmaster Ive been modeling for a while, took alot of extra hours to fix the mesh and make it more accurate. Thats actually the hardest and most time consuming thing, especially when you textured and splitted your car into different parts already...

Keep up the good work, itll be worth the extra effort. :)
One thing i've been thinking is it might be an idea to take a series of photos, where i record the camera distance/height/angle/focal length so its easier to replicate the condtions in max.
Will make comparing real life vs model alot easier instead of guesstimating the angle of the camera in the viewport.
I really dig your rims texture

would u mind sharing the texture page for the rims? (hires just the rims)

and what technique do u use to bake the occlusion?

Thanks ^^
went out and decided to get some decent ref of the tyres, i think i pulled the old texture of an old picture rather than taking decent ones.

tweaked the mesh of the tyres a bit to get them looking a bit nicer, and made up a brand new sidewall and tread texture that looks a littke nicer... Now the sidewall matches perfectly to the photos, not just in texture but in mapping and sizing/position of the writing.

Of course since i was poking the wheels i ended up tweaking the rims themselves, to make sure they matched the photos i had. Midly reduced the exaggerated dish i had, but left a little extra since it looked nice. Increased the size of the inner section too since i'd made it fractionally smaller than the actual wheels, so they were coming out looking a bit tiny.

top: new wheels
bottom: old wheels

there were acouple of things i wasn't happy with on the front end, so i did a bit of pulling around of polys to get the indicators abit less angular looking, more subtle tweaking of the c-pillar and gererally just trying to tidy up a few bits of mess.

I really dig your rims texture

would u mind sharing the texture page for the rims? (hires just the rims)

and what technique do u use to bake the occlusion?

Thanks ^^
I'm not really one for sharing textures while i'm still working on something, sorry.

I did a tutorial awhile back for Icekid on how to bake the texture
hope this is some help.
been a while since the car was last tested in racer...., so i exported it to have a bit of a laugh.

a couple of things were bugging me, so did some more tweaks to the front end and along the bodywork, so some decent progress.
then i realised a slight mistake, since i had textured up the stock headlight shape, with the d-speed indicators i have, which i notived have a 10mm lip running along the top edge which could explain why they were looking a tad big, so i made a seperate mesh for the d-speeds, added the channel, remapped and i'm slightly happier with the result...

pics are more fun though.

lol.... i have way to many things to do to think about a next project.
I'm just trying to finish off all the unfinished crap i've got at the moment

finally stopped procrastinating and made up a set of N1 headlights and got them textured up with the correct diffuser pattern, still need to make a up a decent texture for the reflectors though. At least all the right bits are now on it.

Started poking the indicator texture so its looking a bit balls at the moment compared to the old texture.

currently sitting around main body 36k, which includes:
Projector headlights
N1 headlights
Stock indicators
d-speed indicators
N1 boot lip
N1 bonnet lip
Stock spoiler
Garage Sarus drag wing
wind deflectors
UK plates
JP plates

so it's probably no too bad, but a bit high for my liking since i've still got a proper interior, underside and a few other bits and bobs left to do, and it excludes my wheels... which are a bit on the silly side polycount wise.

bits and bobs...

Managed to get a fair bit of ref while i was in a pit below my car, so finally i can start modelling/texturing up the underside now that i have accurate ref of everything, and best of all i can get rid of the placeholder fuel tank box that i have stuck randomly underneath the car.

did a new tyre normal map which is a lot cleaner.... boring as hell drawing out tread, but i guess its worth the effort for a cleaner result

then did some messing about with Xoliul's shader to test out "solid" glass... works quite well, and with some poking works just as well in racer (though it needs a slightly more extreme normal map)
All in all it gives a nice effect, and slightly more interesting than just having the previous alpha'd out diffuse that i had on the headlights. Granted its nothing that special really.

top picture is the "solid" glass, which has bumped refraction lines, with a smooth layer above it. Bottom is just an alpha'd normal map. Granted the result is more obvious in the bottom one, but the reflections are wrong because of the normal map.

In game works quite well... although i accidently did have the reflectors on the right materials so they're not chrome

then spent a while drawing out a new "brakelight on" on texture, which looks pretty nice i think. (ignore the fact that the spec map is offset from the diffuse.... i loaded the wrong spec map at the time, which had the old decal positions.

I was starting to get tired of staring at the underside of the car and making pointless bits that no-one but me will know is there. So i thought i'd have a bit a fun with the body texture ;)

fuel tank area has dissapearad again since i'm working on it, the cars don't have the N1 parts, like the front vents, spats, and the wrong wheels, wrong plates (lol) etc. Never the less some shots from Racer of two the finished liveries (the HKS was making me batter my head off the tesk, and i havent quite done the other few i'm putting together.)