Nissan Nismo GT-R R34 JGTC'03

Ok, here start the thread with my new Xanavi Nismo. The wheels are completely done. Means all LODs and animated textures for motion blur on wheels etc. I'm now working on the body. The hood and bumpers are not finish yet. Missing details will be added tomorrow.
(kept the thread title neutral (no Xanavi) because I'm also going to add Motul Pitwork and Calsonic skins)

Forgot the images with the LODs of the wheels.


LOD means Level Of Detail. To save tris in the game you have different models for different distances. If you are close to the model you see the mesh with the most detail/tris and cars near the horizon have only some tris so that you can just cognize them.


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rFactor maybe?Nice Level of detail:grin: And the texture of the wheels in the first screen is very realistic.Keep up!
Right, it's for rFactor.
I finished the entire front part. Around 10.000 tris atm (without wheels). Wheels have around 12.000 together. My goal is 40.000 tris for the entire car. I think that should be possible.
Ok, here's the update.


40k is nice, and rF sure can handle it.. But imagining 10 of those cars drive close to each other (in other words: no LODs)......

Good luck though, looks great sofar!
The first LOD switches after 6m distance. I'm sure you won't see more than 3 cars at the same time with full detail. But I must say I build this car for "my" computer. If the car runs smooth on it it will be fine. And I know that it does. Have tested with two Mustangs exported to one model. Means 50.000 tris. If someone has a 800MHz computer I can only say tough luck. But I try to make the car drivable on other systems too , of course. And the worst case would be to reduce the number of opponents. The others problem could be that I can live with that ^^ . Sorry for that attitude but the Nismo is very important to me and I don't want to model it again next year because the hardware becomes a bit better.

The images are Max8 screenshots.
man i just love this;) best car for the best driving game:) got rfacotor today:) waiting for my wheel;) hmm how do i mod cars? is it the tool on there website? used to mod slrr:) but need some better game;)
I understand, no problem :) Didn't know rF had LODs from 6m already.. You can almost half the polycount already at that distance, so no problems then :p
That's my goal. LOD0~40.000, LOD1~25.000-20.000, LOD2~12.000-10.000, LOD3~4000 and LOD4~1.500-1000tris.
Via script you can define the LOD distance for each part. There you can also set the number of LOD meshes. That's pretty handy.

The tools you can get from
You only need the "public development tools" and the "gMotor 2.0 MAS Utility"
Good community support you find on

For accuracy I use diecast models, modelkits and many photos of course as reference. I can recommend to buy a diecast model (1:18 ) for any serious project you start. It's very helpful to have something to touch and rotate to view different light reflections etc. Especially for rare cars. This helps you to come very close to the original car. E.g. I also bought a 1:18 Ford Mustang and it seems to work :) .


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OriK said:
That's my goal. LOD0~40.000, LOD1~25.000-20.000, LOD2~12.000-10.000, LOD3~4000 and LOD4~1.500-1000tris.
Hi, i really love your model but this is really way to much, u must now whit such high tris u will be abel to play only max 5 cars, there are problems whit complete cars on track whit wheels, driver... 15.000, there are just to many people lets say whit medium pcs!
Our supergt cars have like 6000-7000tris lod0, 4000-5000 lod1, 2000-3000 lod2, 700-1200 lod3 and lod4 is having maximum 200tris and there is like 20-30fps only at start of race whit 19 cars, after few corners it gets up to 40-50fps on medium pcs and more on others! Nobody is playing now whit only 5 cars on track;)
If i look at rear part of your skyline, its great but no need to do 3d lines or such things in rfactor, rfactor suports bump map! And there are than tyres, driver... that will be like 60.000 tris becase im sure u wont do one thing in really low poly details and other things in higher details! Its just tip, u can ask about advices in rsc forum and u will see, they will say same. Your skyline that is allready done is great, u should just uptade it like interior for outside view, nice cockpit, wheels and u have great car for rfactor!