Nissan GT-R 35


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I've recently seen a Top Gear's episode, where the last GT-R 35 (my 2012) run the Top Gear's track in 1'17''8.
I've been very surprised to watch at this performance, think that the Ferrari 458 Italia, with 40 hp more and 200 kg less run in 1'19''1 !!!

As i've always thought, Godzilla needs just some hp more to destroy every 4 wheels object on the planet. And i'm not joking affirming that this is an amazing project, this car is already a legend among the ambient of tuning and performance cars fanatics. I'm not speaking about the pure speed, its best value in my opinion is the handling and acceleration. Do give it a decent tune and some kg less, u'll get for less than 200.000 Euro (a stock one is less than 100.000) probabilly the fastest car in the world.

Maybe its shape isn't as refined as a Ferrari one, its interiors aren't so exciting as an R8, maybe its prestige isn't as a Porsche...its image isn't as aggressive and exclusive as a damn, this rocks, this car is incredible in my opinion.
I've also driven it (the 480 Hp, stock, first serie) a couple of times last year (both the times in the Vallelung's circuit), it's better than every other cars i've ever driven, and believe me i've driven a lot, included a Murcy by a family's friend, a Porsche 997 GT2, many GT3, M3, M5, 360 Modena, F 430(not the Scuderia though), 599 GT0 (a true disappointment, the rear is crazy). Godzilla is simply better because u ask, it gives...u take it away in a corner, and it pull u off the corner , it's a strange sensation. No matter the speed, someway it beats the curve and the g-force, it's incredible.

So i did a quick research on the net and i've found this: - Alpha Series by AMSPerformance | Premium Nissan R-35 GT-R Performance Upgrade Packages :eek:

Better than a Veyron SS in accelereation, probabilly very closed to a Formel 1, surely faster than every road car in a track! I want one !!! ....even if currently i'll limit myself to model this car...waiting for some money from the sky... :D


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GT-R is great value for $$$ .. but I've heard that's it's also not all that true

it's much less expensive then say P911 Turbo, but unlike on Porsche, you spent a LOT on servicing GT-R.. that's where Nissan makes the money back. I haven't driven it yet, and I hope I will some day .. it does sound tempting, although must say that owning a car is not only about it's performance, and no matter what Nissan does, it's still just a Nissan

if you ask me (and maybe anybody) if he takes F430 or GT-R, I can't see anyone would take the GT-R


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Look, about performances, numbers don't lie. Yes, maybe it's expensive after u've bought it, bt u cannot expect a cheap price for such car, with 530 hp. Don't u believe that a Ferrari is less expensive after.
About the brand, it depends by our tastes and how we feel the perception of it. I personally don't care if it's a Nissan , if it makes me feel better than a Ferrari, then i'd buy it if i could . And speaking about performance car, to know that potentially it can beat everything, it makes me feel so good.
Now u can say that u can tune every car. Not exactly, the GT-R engine seems built to support double power, because it has been developed exactly like the legendary RB 26 of the Skyline GT-R 34 or the MIVEC of the Lancer. I mean, these are race engines which only need to give vent to their true possibilities. I mean, just with an external ECU like a Cobb, u can get around 200 hp more without to change anything but the cooling system, for less than 6-7.000. For more hp, naturally u need to change some mechanical parts .

I'm not saying it's the best looking car in the world, from this point of view i like other cars much more (every 911, some Lambos , not Gallardo or Diablo ofc, 288 GT0, 250 California, Aston Vantage-Vanquish-DB9 etc.), bt none of them run like that. I know that there are lot of debatemeents among the GT-R fans and the others, bt how many of those who despite Godzilla have really driven it? So, i'd say, do give it a try if u can, then probabilly u'd agree with me :)


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yeah true ... even with the extra costs for GT-R .. it will still be same expensive as owning a Ferrari = at the most! so good point there.

I understand that for someone like you it might be more important to see what potential the car have, but that's where I think you're the minority .. I think that most people who buy GT-R are buying it, because they can't afford anything like the Astons, Ferraris and such.
Of course, GT-R is same fast or faster them most of them, but I don't think there's that many people buying this expensive cars for performance ... most of them buy it for either posing in expensive car, or becuase they admire the brand .. and that's kinda what i wanted to say about Nissan

don't take me wrong, my first and last car was Nissan, and I might be getting a Nissan again .. but if I had $200,000 for a car, I would buy slightly used Scuderia, rather then GT-R .. though I must say that having 4 seats in GT-R is somewhat tempting (could excuse the purchase and mask it as a family car) and I'm sure you can customize hell out of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, or even the Scuderia

guy in our Office had GT-R, and he sold it and bough M3 .. I'm not sure about why and I'm sure he had a reason.

and talking about buying it for a basically converting it to a race car .. well .. who does that? .. the problem with it that then you can ONLY use it as a race car, because with the amount of modification it won't be street legal anymore .. and even if it will be street legal, where would you drive it?

really.. don't take me wrong here.. I love GT-R and it's something I was hoping to buy .. but but :) .. and I wouldn't customize it too much .. it will ruin the car imo ..
if you want even more performance, get the GT-R GT3 version


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and I just had a quick glance at that modification comapny .. but I don't want crazy turbo in my car .. ;) turbo just ruins everuthinng... give me 6.0 V12 rather then 3.8 V6 Tripe double mega dual twin overcharge turbo things


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Ehe...but the GT-R born turbocharged, so, as every turbo car, is quite simple to improve the performances increasing the air pressure basically. U can't do it with a Scuderia...

I know, all the stuff speaking about these cars is very opinable, so i respect your ideas. Btw the AMS mods are street legal, u've only to choose the catalyzers options.
About the GT-R GT3, being a GT3 class, it has lot of rules, it's not so fast as u think. And it's slower btw than a middle AMS tuned GT-R.

Btw, as i've said, every opinions about it is welcome. Even the V12 vs. v6 turbo is opinable, someone likes the linear and full of rage output of an italian V12, someone else likes the brutal torque of a jap turbo. I belong to this second ''team'', even if i'm italian :)

Last, i just hate the ones who buy a car just to appear, just to say ''ehi look at me with my 300.000 Ferrari...'', then they use it to go at the disco or at the bar. I like to use a car for the purpoise it has been built, so, the track !!!
I've been 7-8 times at the Ring, well, there u can see guys with a 1988 Golf GTI 16v or some old Sierra Cosworth or Opel Corsa GSI (great car indeed) who suck lot of 300.000 Euro cars. Maybe because they don't push the throattle, maybe because they're unable to drive, maybe because they're afraid to ruine their expensive exotic rarely i've seen some of those beauties to go really fast ;)


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Its about providing satisfactory to serious driver, so they can make profit out of it... Nissan did it very smart....

Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and overpriced sport car... How many people in world can afford that? probably 1%ers...

Due to Economic hardship Nissan Introduced to 50%ers reasonable priced sport car....
They've just kept it simple by designing a perfect "flawless" aerodynamic body running powerful traction controlled AWD and computer controlled 473bhp + 3.8 L V6 twin turbo engine. That can handle extreme and harsh road courses to be able to beat overpriced sport or super-sport car.

...and oh, Nissan excluded "stupid" fancy expensive Italian based leather trimming seat, Alcantara trimmed steering/dashboard and etc. since its no use for it. It would work on Luxury based car.


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Hi Arthur
Look, i agree with u completely, even if personally, if i were able (and i'm not) to buy it, Nissan would gain anything from me after, because the first thing i'd do after a quick mileage would be to tune it . So, no more warranty and related services. Not a hard tune, don't get me wrong, bt a light tune just to unleash the factory restringements, something like 600-650 hp around. The 2011 serie has 530, so nothing of excessive. This way the engine will breath better, probabilly the fuel consumption will be lower and yeah...i'll gain lot of amusement more. Think that in USA there are tunings in the order of 1.500 hp ! ! !


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I agree with what you're saying

but if you go to a race track, of course you will see mostly people who like to drive fast, push the car to the limit and of course those cars will be mostly cheaper heavily tuned cars, rather then exotic cars

but how many car owners go to a race track ? .. you can't make conclusions based on what you see on a small percentage of people.
and of course it's easier to go hard in not so expensive car, because it makes huge difference of wreckign $20,000 worth of car then $200,000

and about my point about Turbo .. I generaly don't like it, but it's a big difference to have STOCK turbo, or some aftermarket crazyness! .. it's expensive enough to replace the stock turbo, how much more it is to replace the Tuned Turbo? .. how long do you go on Stock turbo vs performace turbo?

I would love to be all about performance, but in the end, you gotta pay the bills .. and I know I can't afford it, so I had to make a decision.
I could have bought say VW Corrado VR6 and go crazy on tuning it to have a serious performance car (that I won't be able to use too much other then track) .. so I;ve chosen to get 350z, which is perfect everyday car, which some use on track


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About warranty, I am not sure about your country, but from what i know.. in USA, you still can keep warranty if you wish to upgrade your car's performance, or replace better suspension and etc. But it has to be under Nissan's high performance distribution or co-partnership business such as Nismo and etc. Because, they have part that has been tested and passed under DOT (Department or Transportation). Whereas most aftermarket part don't. It's require by law to follow guideline on upgrading your car performance otherwise it will fail inspection. Unfortunately, If you want to have Nismo doing upgrade parts for you.... you'd have to pay 5x extra per year to keep warranty cycling which is a lot expensive than what everyone would normally buy and install aftermarket parts


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what lot of people do .. and I think it's actually "smarter"

is to have nice car, like GT-R, M3 or so .. and if they want to go crazy on performance, then buy something like MX5 which they convert to race track car .. so they will have something for serious performance (because it's also a lot about handling then about POWEEEEEEEEER) .. and then they also have nice and quite luxurious car for everyday driving.

and that's what I'd do If I had a garage


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@ Equinox

About warranty: Nissan international inc. doesn't allow any modifications on the GT-R, and there are no parts by Nismo for the GT-R available in Italy except the racing ones, who belongs to the GT2 , GT3 (and JTDM fields), so no none of them interests me.
Here in Italy theorically u should pass throughout the civil auto club, bt just theorically...Practically all that u need is to keep low the CO2 emissions, and u can do it with some metallic sporty catalyzators. That's all. The warranty btw will end at the same moment u move even a single bolt. This in Italy at least, i've taken some infos just this morning. The price they did for me is 90.000 Euro for the standard model (91.000 the Black Edition). Currently it's too much for me.

@ nosalis

So u own a 350Z, great car, i know it quite well, love the handling and the gear-box. A very stable car, who lacks a bit of rage only at the hi-revs. Its 3.5 V6 seems almost a bit lazy imho. Btw, a M3 V8 isn't much faster in a track-day, it gains in the rectifile what it looses on the corners, where the 350Z with its lower pivot takes some advantages. At least for what i've felt.

About the rest of your post, personally i'd like to have a race car suitable for a daily use. That's why i like GT-R so much :)


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I had too sell it, I was moving from Czech to USA .. and there was no point of taking the car with me :( the biggest problem of it was imo the weight.. it feelt heavy, though it was cornering pretty well!.. and yeah, the top end power.. bbut it didn't bother me .. I like that it was linear.. you could drove on one gear most of the time .. for normal driving .. and I love the sound of it!

but I was thinking about upgrade to 370z.. but it feels softer here in US..then in europe .. dunno
Hi guys,.
The result is a GT-R that produces as much as 605 horsepower, which if you’re not too sure about numbers, is right around the vicinity of some of the finest European exotics you can buy.
@Nosalis: @ your comment that no one would take a GT-R over a F430, I beg to differ. I would never ever buy a Ferrari. Or a Lamborghini... Or a Veryon. Reason is very simple (and not because I wouldn't have the money for it). They are all elitist cars. I for one don't like that. Those are cars owned by people who sit on a large pot of money. I'll gladly buy a GT-R (it probably has the same price-tag, but it isn't an elite car)

Same reason I don't play or like golf. An elitist game, only for the rich.

True, I have one guilty pleasure, and that is the Audi R8, but that one wasn't in this equation xD