Nissan GT-R 2015 XA

Nice work Xaad, this has come together nice and smoothly it seems!

I'm curious about the rear wheel arch though. How come in early shots the rear wheel arch looks so small vs the spline cage outline? When sub-divided surely it would shrink a little more and look wrong, and all surfaces that intersect with the rear arch would be misaligned?

How did you go about fixing that at the later stages but keeping the topography smooth?




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Yeah u are right
I got some problems with the arcs of GTR that can't be fixed so rather i let it go..
I dont get arc problems in future :)
Ah ok, well it looks like you fixed it pretty well because I can't tell anything is obviously wrong here :D

I'm currently fighting with my 1st sub-d mesh and getting everything looking how I need it for adding details. It's the hardest bit of modelling imo.
But practice makes perfect :D

Thanks for taking the time to show your project it's great to see how others work through these early stages of modelling!



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nice render mate but it seems you forgot the rear indicator light and the tires look like they are just a black material I love the light material it looks great

This has a lot of potential; for the paint you should tone down the
specularity/bump intensity and the window material for reflectivity.
Keep at it man!