NextGen Vehicle: Mercury Cougar IMSA GTO mockup


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Not 100% if this is the one I'll make, but if it is, its going to be something like the attachments :)

Edit: Also, if anyone has prints from the 7th gen (1989-1997) cougar, i'd appreciate it very much


ohhh, a Cougar, very nice. I would LOVE to see a normal version of it!

As far as I know there arent any prints. I planned to model a lowpoly one, I could make some prints out of it when Im done but Im pretty sure itll be too late than.

Anyway, cant wait to see more pics. Hopefully as close to the original as possible :D

How did u get the idea btw?:D


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Thanks fellas, more to come in the following days.. did a spline cage yesterday, but i think im gonna do it again.

@ Schaefft, I've always loved IMSA racers, but quattros etc seemed too common, and the roof line on the cougar stood out :p Not to mention i always loved making stock cars into various pikes peak, super silhouette and what not versions..

This car's gonna turn out great. I'm sure of it! :D Loving the body design. Got a distinct shape that reminds me a lot of the Hotring Racer in GTA :D Good luck with your entry man :) I'm still working out the concept sketch on mine XD
Indeed. Just one thing, isn't the side of the car too low and too "open" on the lower part, because it looks like it's gonna scrape the whole under side of the sideskirt as soon as the car makes a slight turn.

Just an ideia. keep up at it looks great!
Nice, clean model! Some pointers :

1] Is the flat area in the middle of the front bumper curvature intentional?

2] Have you reached the cleanup stage? There are still some areas where you can save some polygons. :)
Great work man. Just thought I would put this bug in your ear. I am putting together a modding team to create an IMSA GTO/GTU mod for a video game. Would you be interested in joining us to help create this awesome era of racing cars?