NextGen Vehicle: Jet car

Hi all this is the most random thing I have ever modelled but here goes im making a jet powered car like the one which holds the land speed record.
I thought I would take a different angle on this contest it is within the rules isn't it lol.

Here's a basic outline of how it will look. when finished is active shade allowed,
Jet car 1.jpg

Johnas how come renders are not allowed?
I like the idea. It'll be good when it's finished.
But that's a rubbish wireframe for such a cylindrical model.
(Don't think I've ever said Cylindrical in my life o.o)
What do you mean about the wire frame lol. me not understand lmao.

Should have it finished in the next couple of days got some free time.


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looks alright to me so far, neat idea too :)

johnas do correct me if im wrong, but i think since these are supposed to be real time cars it keeps the playing field more level if we can't make fancy renders, since the contest is mainly about modelling and texturing


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sweet idea!

about why renders are not allowed . I personally think its because they don't want people to vote over the rendering skill's and scene setup.. but to stay focused on the models them self... I all so think it would be good if they allowed a real time screenshots, meaning that you can setup the scene and turn on shading in the viewport it self and printscreen for the "renders", that would show the real master piece :)
but thats just me thinking ;)
You got it right AlexL and OldDog, indeed these are real time models and also it wouldn't be fair for people who use software that doesn't have renderer
Nice concept, but I suggest not trying to build this in real life, this is definitely no recordbreaker. The shape of that intake creates way too much air resistance. The vehicle will need so much power to just prevent slowing down, let alone accelerating, and that destroys chances of a very high speed.
thanks for the info I thought the huge air intake would increase the volume of air going into the compressor thus creating more thrust I originally was going to have the vent as an aero foil open at the back so it forces air down the side giving down force.
Maybe it might do that, but then you could make it more efficient by making that ''bowl''-intake a lot longer. It'll make it easier for the airstream to go towards the center of the engine so you get less resistance.

I know one thing for sure, I won't be tailgating that thing :p